C.S. Lewis’s Cosmic Turn: Finding Virtue through the Heavens

C.S. Lewis’s Cosmic Turn: Finding Virtue through the Heavens April 28, 2019

Divine Mercy Sunday
The Edge of Elfland
Concord, NH

Dear Friends,

Here is an audio recording of my recent talk at the 6th Annual Catholic Literature Conference in Concord, NH. In the talk I focus on what the jovial and mercurial spirits are, with the help of C.S. Lewis, and give some suggestions on why and how we should reclaim them. So for those of you who couldn’t make it to the conference––or for those who did, but would like to hear it again––here is my presentation. Sadly, to my knowledge, the other four talks were not recorded, so if you’re interested in them, make sure you badger the speakers and ask for their papers. So please, give my talk a listen, let me know what you think and consider subscribing to my podcast, To Wonder and to Wander. I promise to start posting again in the future.

David Russell Mosley

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