“Religion first!”, squeal Catholic doctors

“Religion first!”, squeal Catholic doctors October 2, 2008

The European Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, at their annual jamboree in Gdansk, have issued a statement insisting that beliefs should trump laws, and that doctors can ignore social norms if they don’t like them:

We affirm that ethical norms and principles precede enacted laws and should influence their contents in accordance with natural law and the teaching of the Church.

Which is fantastic news for those doctors labouring to provide medical care in the few European countries where abortion rights are still restricted (or even banned altogether). The Catholic Church says that they should follow their conscience and do what’s best for the patient!

Oh no no, of course the Catholics don’t mean that. What they mean is that Catholic doctors should have special privileges to refuse to treat patients they disapprove of, and that the rest of society can go to hell. Literally. Laws are for little people, not for Catholics.

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