About.com Atheism/Agnosticism Awards

About.com Atheism/Agnosticism Awards February 6, 2012

Over at About.com, Austin is running the 2012 Readers Choice Awards. Like last year, there are a number of categories, so head on over and nominate your favourite (you have until Feb 15, with voting starting on Feb 22nd).

  • Best Agnostic or Atheist Book of 2011
  • Best Agnostic or Atheist Blog
  • Best Agnostic or Atheist Podcast
  • Best Agnostic or Atheist Website
  • Best Agnostic or Atheist Community
  • Best Agnostic or Atheist to Follow on Twitter
  • Best Agnostic or Atheist Facebook Page
  • Best Agnostic or Atheist Ad

While I have you here, though, I’d be interested to hear what the readers of this blog think are the best in each of these categories.

Personally, I think the best Atheist Community is the one over at reddit (I just love reddit in general). I don’t really have a favourite blog, although the one I read most regularly is the one over at Science and Religion Today.

But what are you reading – when you can tear yourself away from Epiphenom, naturally!

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