Getting to the Heart of Cancer

Getting to the Heart of Cancer September 10, 2017

If you or a loved one has ever been given the diagnosis of cancer, you may know it’s hard not to receive it as a death sentence. Our culture is laden with beliefs, stories and emotions that accompany the simple word, “Cancer.”

In any case, it’s definitely a game changer for all involved.

However, within the unprecedented challenges that accompany the disease, you can discover an extraordinary opportunity for love, healing, and transformation.

Three of our USHS faculty members, Dr. John Wadude Laird, MD, and his wife Nura Laird, and Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD, have been through this journey personally.

When Dr. Laird’s wife, Nura, was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, they, along with their two daughters, came together to get to the heart of what was causing her disease and heal it.

Nura said in her interview, “Before the journey with cancer started, our family loved each other. By the end of the process, our family cherished each other.”

Many years ago, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe’s wife experienced a rapid onset of cancer and passed away soon after. At this time, Dr. Jaffe decided he did not want to get blindsided again. He made a decision in his heart to learn everything he could about perceiving the presence of cancer, understand the patterns of cancer in the consciousness, and discover what was needed to bring healing.

These insights and experiences have led to the realization of cancer as an opportunity for profound transformation. This is what inspired Dr. John Wadude Laird to create this exciting new interview series, Getting to the Heart of Cancer: Spiritual Healing, Sufism and a Journey of Love.

We have been blessed with a grant from the Lloyd Symington Foundation to support the creation of this series, and our promise to them is to share this information broadly to make it available to as many people as possible.

As a part of this series, Dr. John Wadude Laird, MD, interviews patients, physicians, spiritual healers, and family members who have consciously traveled his journey of love in the face of cancer, in a grand search for understanding, authenticity, and healing.

You are welcome to join us here on the Essence of the One blog. We will post the interviews here. They will all be tagged under the category “Getting to the Heart of Cancer.” If you would like to receive notice of new interviews, be sure you are subscribed to this blog.

You can also register to receive the interviews and all supplemental course materials from The University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism by registering at this link:

Here’s a little more about what you will find in this interview series:

  • The roles of emotional and spiritual healing in realizing transformation along the journey with cancer and other chronic illness.
  • Insights uncovered in the search to clarify what is necessary for complete healing.
  • Revelations from patients about significant hurdles and turning points in their healing journeys.
  • The deep wisdom and importance of the grieving process at various stages throughout the journey.
  • Prophetic Medicine therapies, including plant medicine, wet cupping and naturopathy.
  • Principles and skills needed to develop proficiency as a spiritual healing practitioner.
  • and much more!

Watch for related posts to begin September 11, 2017. We pray you find something of value and healing for your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

It's time we change the conversation around cancer.

Thank you!

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