The Healing Journey of Cancer

The Healing Journey of Cancer September 11, 2017

We at The University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism have been blessed with a grant from the Lloyd Symington Foundation to support the creation of an interview series called Getting to the Heart of Cancer. Our promise to the foundation is to share this information broadly to make it available to as many people as possible. So, with the help of our friends here at Patheos, we are making all interviews available on this blog, Essence of the One.

Getting to the Heart of Cancer explores the spiritual underpinnings of cancer and what is needed to bring about healing for the body, mind, heart and soul.

We begin Episode 1 of this series with two interviews, accompanied by a few supplemental course materials, explained below. The first interview is posted below. Watch for the second interview to come out later in the week.


EPISODE 1: The Healing Journey of Cancer: How Cancer Has Touched Us


Episode 1 includes interviews with Nura Laird, M.Ed., and intro to Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD. Listen in as Nura and Dr. Wadude Laird share their experience with cancer, and describe the lessons they learned along the healing journey.

You will discover the impact this had on their entire family, and how the work they did as a unit brought about profound transformation for all of them.

Then Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe shares his experience when his first wife experienced a sudden onset of rapidly advancing stomach cancer. In this episode, you will learn what sparked Dr. Jaffe’s passion to learn more about detecting the presence of cancer, and his drive to understand healing at the deepest levels of the soul and spirit.

You can learn from case studies of patients Dr. Jaffe has worked with and how they found healing in most profound ways. You will also receive an introduction into ancient practices that are foundational to the Sufi spiritual healing, also called Shafiyy Healing.

If you’d like to receive links to each episode and all course materials, plus join us for discussion in the facebook group, click this link to register for the free online course:

Thank you for helping us change the conversation around cancer.

It's time we change the conversation around cancer.


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