No Hurt too Small: A Testimony to Healing

No Hurt too Small: A Testimony to Healing September 21, 2017

The following is a message from one of the students of USHS: Susan Fatima Abbassi. She is an Iranian-American Muslim who has a deep passion toward spirituality, Divine love and healing. Currently attending USHS, Susan seeks to function as an instrument of divine love and healing for others around her.   

Praise be onto Allah, the Lord of the worlds. He is indeed the healer and truly worthy of worship. As I have begun to see Allah as my true personal healer, miraculous healing, events and things are being revealed onto me, Alhamdulillah! To show my gratitude and to glorify Him, as He is worthy to be glorified, I have decided to share one of my healing stories with other beloveds.

Almost a year ago, as I was deeply immersing myself in Allah’s words, His remembrance and healing scriptures, I got the opportunity to practice healing on my own body. I was so deeply in my spirit and was enjoying every second of my time with Allah and His Holy, peaceful presence. I was receiving this revelation about the goodness of Allah and how His will for me was to be and remain healthy and whole.

One day, as I was silently praying in my heart while cooking, I dropped the big, hot pot of rice on my right foot—mainly on my three little toes! It happened so quickly that I had no time to think or move. For few seconds, I just stood there and was trying to comprehend what just happened to me! After that initial shock and disbelief, however, all the healing words and scriptures started coming back to me. I remembered that Allah loved me, and He had sent His words to heal me: “And we send down of the Qur’an that which is healing and mercy for the believers …” (Qur’an 17:82).

ze-zorzan-57617Then I thought, if these healing words are real, then my toes got to get healed! Yes, I was willing to believe for my healing wholeheartedly, and I actually got excited about seeing a physical healing. Though still in pain, I then knew that everything was going to be all-right. I also felt so at peace and ease knowing my toes were going to be fine. I began anointing my toes with olive oil, reciting Fatihah over them, and reading healing scriptures. I also spoke life and healing over my toes. At this point, my toes were dark purplish in color and were as twice their normal size! I also could barely walk with my right foot. An hour later, my sister got home and became aware of what happened to my foot. She, who works in the medical field, became quite concern about my foot, claiming my little toes were broken and that I had to immediately go to the ER to get them check out. She also offered me an icepack to put on my foot to help with the inflammation.

A little fear came in as I saw my sister’s reaction, and I, myself, was still in too much pain and was unable to move or even stand on my right foot. Then, I checked in with my spirit—it was still pretty peaceful and full of faith. I had a choice: going to the ER and fixing my foot, or staying with what I knew was true and believing for a healing. Though I am not against going to the doctors, at that moment, my heart sincerely desired a healing. After all, I was not going to die if I did not go to the doctor. This was my chance to witness a physical healing—something that I had spent so many hours studying and was so passionate about. I wanted healing to be real for me. So I believed!

I kept on reciting Fatihah over my toes and asking Allah to make the healing real to me. A day passed, and nothing really changed. My toes were as swollen and painful as before, and the color was still very very dark purple. On top of that, I was hearing my sister’s commons about how I had to listen to her, and how my toes were broken. But I had made up my mind and was going for a healing, and nothing was going to change that. The second day, the inflammation decreased and the pain was lessened, and the purplish color was not as bad as before. I was also able to stand on my foot much better. (I am glad it happened over a weekend, and I did not have to go to work!) On the third day, I still had some pain, but my toes were returning to their normal size and color, Alhamdulillah. The next day, I was praising Allah for His love and His faithfulness. This happened before I started USHS, and since then I have learned more about Allah and His amazing love for me. Allah is always loving and caring, and it is a matter of us understanding and seeing His love for us. He is the most compassionate, the most Merciful, and to Him belong all glories.

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Photo by Zé Zorzan on Unsplash


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