the slump

the slump February 23, 2011

All right. *sigh* I hit the slump.

A.K.A. the valley that comes after the mountain top that was the Conference I directed last week. (see my last post)

Not only that, but it’s about 50% of my job description and has been in the works for quite some time.

Yep I officially feel like crap on a stick.

I couldn’t even get through all the mail today.  I did manage to throw a giant pile of clothes to the basement to get washed.

Yet in still, I am way tired, sick of blogging, SUPER mad at Rhys for throwing my lap-top at my face causing my nose to bleed and am slumping off to bed at 7:48pm mostly because I just can’t take another minute of this world in a waking state.

Despite my whine-fest here, I have LOVED spending these last 2 days with R1 & R2.  It’s been sugary sweet goodness.  Since my city is experiencing vast power outages we hosted a sweet friend and her daughter today & our peeps, Ryan & Joy for a few days.  That was so nice.  No agenda, just good old hanging out waiting on everyone’s power to return.

This has been an AWESOMELY exciting post hasn’t it?

(um, kidding)

It does lead me to an important question I’ve been marinating on:

Should I write short quick snippet blog posts -lame as they may be- or just wait and be thoughtful and inspired and write longer posts as I have the time and/or motivation?

Yesterday, Ryan -also an aspiring author- quoted author, Sherman Alexie who said that “every moment I spend writing my blog, is one less moment I spend writing books.”

That got to me.

I have been thinking a lot lately about writing my memoir….again.  I miss doing it.  The dream of authoring a real book still exists in me.

Wondering if my blog is soaking up all my creative juices leaving little for a bigger and more important project.

(Not that I don’t love y’all)

(And truth be told, I think I’d really miss blogging if I gave it up completely).

Alas, my friend Ryan, you know the one who waxed eloquent about my blogging less and working on a book more?  That one.

Yeah, well he started his own blog today.

The nerve of some people.

He’s good.  You should check it out.

Anyhey, these are all the ramblings I can manage…



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