It’s Over

It’s Over November 14, 2012

My little baby boy, Rhys is stuck in a rut.  You know the one.  My poor boy has fallen into the death trap that is allowing oneself to be defined by a mistake.  The little punkin made his mistake more than a month ago.

Apparently Rhysie roughly sat on his beloved “Becca-Becca” a super cute 1.5 yr. old at his daycare.  He got a time-out, a talking to and a long debrief about when it’s good to sit on other kids -almost never- and when it’s not.

The next day when I asked Rhysie how his day at daycare was he responded “good.  I did not sit on Becca Becca today.”  How sweet.  And then the next day when I asked he responded similarly:  “I made a good choice and did not sit on Becca Becca.”  And then the next day, and the next.  Same story over and over again.

After a couple of weeks of this he finally forgot to regret sitting on Becca Becca until the other day.  While I’m telling him to have a great day and how much I love him he tells me he will not be naughty to Becca Becca.  And that’s when I decided I needed to teach the little munchkin what it means to let go.  I looked him right in those big brown eyeballs and said…

You are not the sum of your mistakes!  This mistake does not define you!  You are forgiven.

And I sort of heard myself say it to myself.

And I sort of heard God say it to me as well.

And I sort of started to plan on blogging this story.

And then I laughed when Rhysie looked at me in his very sweet confused face and said, “what, Mama?  What?”  Which, affectionately means ‘what the helllz are you talking about, Chick?’  And when I don’t answer fast enough he get’s louder “what, Mama, WHAT?!”

I go on.  “What I mean is, it’s over.  Yes, you made a naughty choice but you got your timeout, you asked for forgiveness, Becca Becca forgives you.  It’s over.  You don’t have to keep telling me everyday, okay?  I know that you are sorry.  You are forgiven.”

“What, Mama, what?”

He doesn’t get it just yet.  But I do.

I made my mistake, but it’s over.  I’m forgiven…

…so often in my head, but just like my little Rhysie-Piece so hard to permeate my heart.

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  • Jennifer Peterson

    Touch my heart!! Love this!!

  • another jennifer

    Love it. I’ve said this to my older son as well. You did wrong and now it’s over. Tomorrow is a new day. We can’t dwell in our mistakes. Such a wonderful lesson.

    • hahaha, love “Another Jennifer.” =) Anyway, I know, great lesson…but may it get right there in our hearts.

  • aww, thanks Jennifer!

  • Great story. Isn’t it funny how God reminds us of His grace in the most seemingly random ways?

    Your boys are so beautiful, by the way. That picture of your son is absolutely mesmerizing. Child models?? haha 🙂

    • Alyssa, that is my FAVORITE way for God to remind me of his grace…when it’s so natural, so organic you know, not forced…it’s gentle just like Him. Thank you re: my boys… I think their pretty darn handsome too. =)

    • oh, and no child modeling… my hubs is against it….and I guess, after trying to do it with the first born i realized my life would be better spent in ministry or writing rather than becoming his “Momager.” lol

  • I’m always amazed when words come out of my mouth, intended for another but even more applicable to me.

  • don’t you think it’s God unique way of both filling us with wisdom while at the same time humbling us gently? =)

  • Jess Fick

    good one Gracee! Thank God that his mercies are new each day for us and our kiddos. Heaven help us not to sit on anyone!

    • wow, am majorly impressed with your comment love. =) okay, I promise no more jokes about it. =) Anyway, that’s a great prayer: Lord, may we not sit or step on anyone….whether we’re two or thirty-two.