March 6, 2009


ingredients: two skinless catfish fillets, a big lemon, a big yellow onion, some butter, and sea salt; tinfoil; eventually, a potato

I turned the oven to 400, put the fillets in a baking dish, and squeezed half the lemon over them. I dotted them with butter, then covered the dish with foil and put it in the oven. While it was cooking, I sliced half the onion.

The fish cooked for… I don’t know… ten minutes? fifteen?, and then I uncovered it, added the sliced onions, and returned it to the oven at 375 for another sevenish minutes.

Then out and into the dish! Scattered sea salt over it and devoured with glee. This was fantastic–buttery, lemony, catfishy. You’re left with extra lemon butter, which I used to flavor a baked potato. It was so good, I questioned the wisdom of allowing fish during Lent.

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