Four Feuilletons for Friday (almost)

Four Feuilletons for Friday (almost) January 30, 2014

Some links.

When I was listing my favorite underrated/underseen horror movies I didn’t think to name Deadgirl. It’s a tough, sad, grimy and rancid indie horror which is (to be somewhat reductive) about misogyny but not itself misogynistic. Not entirely sure I can revisit it sober, but it’s really stuck with me; and my anecdata agree w/the Deadly Doll that women horror fans tend to like (if that’s the word) the movie more than men do. Which is especially fascinating since it’s a movie by and about men.

“Transforming a Tower”: Jesse Walker writes about the squatter takeover of an abandoned luxury complex in Caracas:

The tower has a distinct culture too, including a surprisingly strong affinity for evangelical Pentecostalism. The church in the settlement is Pentecostal, most of the families in Torre David subscribe to the faith, and the pastor does double duty as president of the co-op. In this majority-Catholic city, it turns out, the Pentecostals are deeply involved with squatting. “Across Caracas,” the authors write, “the Evangelical Pentecostals have taken over former theaters, cinemas, supermarkets, and other large spaces in buildings owned by [the government], converting them into churches and social centers.”


Legalistic Makeup and the Yawning Gap in Religious Experience: Man, everything Mockingbird does is such a mixed bag for me, but this article has one true gem (“The opposite of faith is not doubt. If anything, the opposite of faith is control.”yes) and a powerful final quote.

Youth and Same-Sex Attraction (Part 2),” from Aaron Taylor. What resonated with me here was the material on vocation and (lack of) choice. Finding vocation in the circumstances; finding the “yes” in what seems to be a maze of “you can’t”s.


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