Do They Know It’s Halloween?: Cracked Feels My Pain

Do They Know It’s Halloween?: Cracked Feels My Pain October 29, 2014

about the decline of trick-or-treating:

#1. Traditional Trick-or-Treating Is Dying

The first year I lived in California, we had a huge Halloween turnout at our house. So many costumed children showed up that we actually ran out of candy, and I had to run out to the store still dressed as Princess Buttercup and fight a sailor for the last bag of Laffy Taffy. The next year, thinking we’d be prepared, we stocked up on candy early and … maybe one-third of the kids showed up. See, the neighborhood had organized a “trunk-or-treat” event, in which parents take their kids to a parking lot and everyone distributes candy out of the trunks of cars.


We’ve complained about trunk-or-treating before, but it’s not the only Halloween-ruining activity spreading over America like a bad rash: there’s also “mall-o-ween” events, now held in every decent-sized city, where kids are ferried out to a mall for an afternoon to receive candy from friendly local capitalists.


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