This July, Come to the Big Gay Christian Extravaganza!

This July, Come to the Big Gay Christian Extravaganza! May 30, 2018

PEOPLE OF EARTH. On July 26 – 28, I will be in St. Louis for Revoice, a conference on “LGBT flourishing in historic Christian traditions.” If you’re interested in my extremely slowly-progressing book draft, about experiencing God’s tenderness as a gay Christian, you can hear all about it there. But more importantly, you will get to meet a lot of other people in the wonderful and wild community of lgbt people seeking to live in obedience to Christian sexual discipline.

I do not expect to agree with everything I hear there (although I suspect I’ll learn from most of it). I don’t even know that I’ll care that much about some of the topics. Not everything is my thing, you know? But for me the biggest attraction is just meeting people. One great thing about doing the work I do is that I get to meet so many people in our community. Revoice is a chance for us to get together and share stories, exchange ideas, argue, pray together, and discover one another. Seriously, see if you can make it–I am so excited when I think about all the great people I know are coming.

I think I’ve used up my unironic enthusiasm for the whole week on this post so you guys had better listen. Out of the closets and into the pews, y’all.

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