“Voluntary Compliance”: Help Me Find an Agent/Publisher for My Second Novel

“Voluntary Compliance”: Help Me Find an Agent/Publisher for My Second Novel August 30, 2018

Okay people, it’s time to put this out there. I have completed another novel (my first one is here) and am just starting the process of figuring out if it can find an agent or traditional publisher. It’s a comedy about a woman returning to DC after federal prison, trying to reenter her old social circle of local sadomasochists and get used to her new circle of halfway-house residents; when she learns that someone she knows is being abused, she needs to decide how much of her new life she’s willing to risk. Comedy gold!

But no, I think this book has some of my best writing. What it does not have is an obvious readership. It’s significantly more violent and sexual than Amends, but it also explores both Judaism and Catholicism in more depth. Basically if you want to read a book with a fairly explicit BDSM scene and also a literal miracle of the Virgin Mary, I have good news.

If any of you all have advice, or can put my name in front of someone who can help shepherd this thing through traditional publishing, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m open to self-publishing again but for what it’s worth, Amends got good enough reviews, in places which don’t usually look at self-pub (and also Goodreads), that I am hoping somebody will take a chance on this novel. Feel free to email me eve_tushnet@yahoo.com with any info or interest.

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