Hear My New Novel at the Catholic Imagination Conference!

Hear My New Novel at the Catholic Imagination Conference! July 12, 2019

Hey, remember that novel I was shopping around? This one:

It’s a comedy about a woman returning to DC after federal prison, trying to reenter her old social circle of local sadomasochists and get used to her new circle of halfway-house residents; when she learns that someone she knows is being abused, she needs to decide how much of her new life she’s willing to risk. Comedy gold!

I have news. First off, I’ve found a publisher: Clickworks, the Baltimore small press which also published my friend Gabriel Blanchard’s delightful vampire novel Death’s Dream Kingdom (you can read my review here). Second, I will be reading from the novel at the Catholic Imagination Conference, 9/19 – 9/21 at Loyola University in Chicago. I’ll be reading on the first day. Many fascinating authors who are extremely not me will also be reading and presenting! You got your Richard Rodriguez, you got your BD McClay, you got your novelists and poets, there’s a play and daily prayer, I’m down. More info here, and I hope to see many of you there.

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