The End of BoJack Horseman

The End of BoJack Horseman February 13, 2020

my review–filled with spoilers!!–at America online:

“BoJack Horseman,” the Netflix cartoon about the depressed, horse-headed celebrity, set itself the nearly impossible task of being a hopeful comedy about chronic alcoholic relapse. For a long time it seemed like the hope came from BoJack’s (voiced by Will Arnett) recurring attempts to change his life: his repeated brief stints of sobriety, the resentful care he offered his abusive mother, his TV comeback, his apologies (“Also I know that my apologies are pretty much meaningless at this point and I’m… sorry for that too.”); his outburst of jogging. But the show has frequently used BoJack’s former fame as a sitcom star to hint at the nature of relapse, the life where nothing works for very long.


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