Halloween Playlist 3: Midnight in America

Halloween Playlist 3: Midnight in America October 12, 2020

Previous years here and here. This year has a bit less variety than the two previous but I think it’s still a fun one. “Did somebody call break?…Break’s over.”

Tonio K, “How Come I Can’t See You in My Mirror?” A great addition from reader Don McClane.

Oingo Boingo, “Dead Man’s Party

Theme from ‘Graveyard Shift’

Jonathan Coulton, “Re: Your Brains

Voltaire, “Graveyard Picnic

Martin Tielli, “I’ll Never Tear You Apart

The Smiths, “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Lalo and Donna Schifrin w/Bernard Ito, “No More Lies, Girl

Ludo, “Love Me Dead.” nb this is more vulgar than the rest of the songs here but, well, I like it.

Xenia Rubinos, “Psycho Killer

Joan Jett, “Season of the Witch

Shriekback, “Nemesis

Front 242, “Headhunter.” When I listen to these last two it is briefly the ’90s again… feel like I should be eating Armand’s pizza and watching my friends play Vampire: The Masquerade. This video is also great; I think my best friend had it on VHS somehow. BITE THE EGG. YOU BITE THE EGG!

Norma Tanega, “You’re Dead.” Yes I did enjoy the “What We Do in the Shadows” tv show.

All our times have come… image via Wikimedia Commons.

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