About Rep. Foley

About Rep. Foley October 2, 2006

Florida's House Representative Foley must be thoroughly outed and admonished.

As a mother and grandmother and once a teenager myself, I think I understand pretty well what teens need, and it isn't the kind of leadership that someone like Rep. Foley represents. 


Teens are in the stage of life where they are seeking their own independence as individuals in their own right, and this is totally normal even while it may be frustrating for their parents or guardians.  Nevertheless,  young people do much better if they  have strong relationships with adults that they trust and who do not betray the values that the teens are trying to develop for themselves.


Let's make sure that Foley and those who knew about his activities do not get just a slap on the wrist.  Let's show teens that we adults care about them and that we will stand up for them and try to protect them from people like Rep. Foley until the teens are strong enough to stand up as adults for themselves.

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