NRA Lobbyists vs. Gun Owners

NRA Lobbyists vs. Gun Owners January 15, 2013

Core Message:

It has been just over one month since the Newtown elementary school massacre and the NRA continues to use this tragedy as a fundraising tool. Instead of representing law abiding gun owners, the Washington gun lobby is using the Newtown massacre to raise money so they can keep doing the bidding of companies that profit off of selling dangerous weapons to anyone. We know, and responsible gun owners know, that you don’t need an AR-15 to protect your home. That type of gun and other semi-automatic weapons are designed to kill a lot of people quickly. Let’s cut through the rhetoric —  we need to know who the key players are in this debate and what they want. 

Related Vocabulary

For the most effective arguments, do say:

  • Preventing gun violence
  • Gun violence prevention advocates
  • Public safety laws
  • “Stronger” gun laws
  • Loophole-ridden laws
  • Private sale loophole
  • A criminal background check for every gun sale
  • NRA lobbyists (instead of just ‘The NRA’)
Try to avoid using language like:
  • Gun control
  • Gun control advocates
  • “Stricter” gun laws
  • Lax gun regulations
  • Gun-show loophole

Important Facts

  • The NRA now has a negative favorability rating, with 45% of voters — including nearly 60% of moderate voters — having an unfavorable view and only 40% of voters seeing it positively.
  • Voters have never supported weaker gun laws — barely 10% of the electorate wants them. 
  • Nearly 90% of NRA members — actual gun owners — agree that support for Second Amendment rights goes hand in hand with keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.
For more information about guns, the NRA, and its tactics, see the full Message Matters page.


"Oh boohoo you and your 'freedom to kill.'"

NRA Lobbyists vs. Gun Owners
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  • The NRA is trying to protect our constitutional rights, you idiot

  • Cory

    The NRA is using this tragedy? I don’t recall Wayne LaPierre purposely using children as a backdrop for a political agenda. What is being proposed turns existing gun owners into criminals. What’s next if this plan doesn’t work? More freedom stripped away?

  • turning fifty3

    The best argument for sane restrictions on gun is the Constitution itself. As the preamble makes clear, the purpose of the constitution is “to insure domestic tranquility.” A professor at Biola University lays out the case pretty well, and also addresses Christians who think that the Bible supports unrestricted access to “weapons of mass destruction” (= assault weapons). He has a couple posts on the topic. Here’s the link to the first post if anyone is interested: