The Endless Invitation

The Endless Invitation October 12, 2020

The most unusual thing happened while walking Zuzu today. There was a thick shelf of clouds hovering when the sun broke through, infusing the nearest clouds with prominent bands of light. At once, the sun revealed itself as the pistil of the Universe and each cloud was a petal unfurling its luminous veins. I had to stop and peer into this vestige of Eternity. Then, the light spilled off the gilded clouds onto my dog’s face and along my forearm. We were all being drawn by the sun to show our ancient vein of being. It always comes down to having our blunt atmosphere burned off by a trace of what endures. Suffering forces us to see through, while love invites us. I stood there in the suddenly golden street, in the middle of a pandemic, with no one around, praying we can outlast what forces us—long enough to accept the endless invitation of light. 

A Question to Walk With: Describe a moment when the deeper light of the world showed itself to you. Where were you? How did it feel? How did this moment affect you?

This excerpt is from my book In progress, The Long Walk Through Time.

*Photo Credit: Niklas Hamann

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