As I Age

As I Age July 31, 2023

Little things fall away 

as big things become more clear. 


I can no longer open jars 

or carry two grocery bags at once. 


But I can perch like an eagle  

on the edge of the vastness 

in any given moment. 


I now walk into the kitchen 

and forget what I was after. 


But I can recite Basho’s instruction 

to Kikakou in 1689 and join 

their conversation. 


I now stop near the top of the hill 

because my hips burn. 


But can see directly into the soul 

of anyone who has been loved  

or broken open. 


And I can wake in the night  

with a sudden fear of death. 


But can quiet that fear with  

the ancient chorus humming  

in the wind. 


It’s as if my body is a nest 

and my soul is a bird 

who has waited a lifetime 

for the moment 

it can fly away. 


A Question to Walk With: Describe what aging feels like to you.  


This excerpt is from my book of poems in progress, Suchness.  


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