The Nephilim are coming! The Nephilim are coming!

The Nephilim are coming! The Nephilim are coming! November 29, 2013

I have seen at least four different trailers for Noah so far — two that were shown at church conferences, and two that were released to the general public a couple of weeks ago — and if there is one thing that has been conspicuously absent from all four of those trailers, it is the gigantic fallen angels known as the Watchers. Oh, sure, I suspect that there are hints of those creatures in a few of the more cryptic shots in those trailers, but so far the studio has held back any bit of footage that might give us a clear sense of the role that they will play within the finished film.

Director Darren Aronofsky, on the other hand, has been teasing us with their presence in the film for a while, now. You might remember the “nephilim wuz here” picture, which didn’t really show anything, that he tweeted fifteen months ago. (In the Jewish apocrypha, the Nephilim are the offspring of the Watchers, but in Aronofsky’s film, these appear to be interchangeable names for the same basic set of creatures.)

Well, a couple days ago he tweeted yet another Nephilim-related picture. This time, it is a picture of the Nephilim “loop group”, i.e. the actors who are providing some of the vocal effects for these creatures. And if you look closely, it seems that we might even get a hint of what these creatures look like on the monitor in the background.

For more information on the role these creatures might play in Aronofsky’s film, click here to read a blog post of mine from July 2012, which includes an image of one of these creatures from the Noah graphic novel that Aronofsky co-wrote.

Here is a larger version of the image that Aronofsky tweeted:

Also, here is another image Aronofsky tweeted, of the loop group that is providing the sound of the “drowning masses”:

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  • anand_droog

    The Nephilim were those called “Noldor elves” (etymology
    N-ph-L-dior) by Tolkien. I’ve written a book about the Nephilim… find
    excerpts and the book in the source attached below.

    Who were the biblically-mentioned Nephelim, “the men of old, men of renown”? What was so renowned about the Nephelim?

    Were they the Noldor, who are mentioned as the politically most important of the “awakened” elves?

    Indeed, that is what we find!

    In Aramaic culture, “niyphelah” refers to Orion [the constellation of
    the 7 stars – correlated to the seven sons of the Noldo Feanor, see], and so nephilim seems related to Noldor. Niyphelah is
    obviously related to the term Nephele – In Greek myth: “Athamas [Adam]
    took as first wife the cloud goddess Nephele [related to the term
    Nephele, the Noldor was the leading reigning house], by whom he had 2
    children, the boy Phrixus and the girl Helle [p1s of hell]. The Noldor
    i.e. Nephel-Dior – related to the root NBL (Nebel = Mist e.g.:
    nebelwerfer; cognate to novelty as well… indeed the term “nobility” as
    well – from here sprang; that is why men of renown) – a most ancient
    nobility created out of Atlantean remnants – were, with some exceptions –
    allies of Melkor, as Tolkien uses the term “misty mountains” to depict
    Melkor’s base, which proves that the political plan of creation became
    pro-logic! This resulted in the Noldor being led by Cain/Melkor… so
    deeply associated with the elven legacy was Cain that the language of
    the elves, for Tolkien, is Quendi (Cain-dio)! And here we even find the
    etymology of Noldor (Nephele-Dior i.e. Nol-Dor) – the emerging
    nobility… who, after “the creation” – would, by and large, defect,
    desisting from serving the sublogical commissions of the p0s, and thus
    become known in bibles as “mighty warriors, men of renown”, “heroes of
    old, men of renown” etc. – the Nephilim!

    The people of Feanor1, since they had defected from the Creationist p0s, would be called “The fallen angels”…