Watch: A new TV spot for Of Kings & Prophets, and more

Watch: A new TV spot for Of Kings & Prophets, and more February 29, 2016


Is Of Kings and Prophets going to be shown in 3D? Probably not, but a new TV spot almost makes you think it might, thanks to the people and objects that pop out of the image and into the black bars at the top and bottom of the frame — an effect that has been used in 3D movies like G-Force and Life of Pi to make it seem like the films are leaping right off the screen. Check out the new TV spot, along with some other videos and a new interview with executive producer Chris Brancato, below the jump.

Here is the TV spot, which I’m guessing aired during the Oscars last night:

And here is an excerpt from Brancato’s interview with Channel Guide Magazine:

Brancato says he and his writing team carefully avoided any political or religious agenda and recognized that a completely literal translation was impossible in a 9-episode series. “What we did was we looked for ways within the story to create situations that, if you want to vault them up into the present, you can,” he explains. “For instance, I have to create for the women motivations and psychological complexity that simply doesn’t exist because it wasn’t written in the Bible at that time.”

Finally, the show’s social-media channels have released a series of brief videos — not exactly TV spots, I’m guessing — that highlight members of King Saul’s family.

Here is King Saul himself (Ray Winstone, of Noah fame):

Here are two for Saul’s wife Ahinoam (Simone Kessell):

Here is Saul’s older son Jonathan (Haaz Sleiman, of Killing Jesus fame):

And here is Saul’s younger son Ishbaal a.k.a. Ish-Bosheth (James Floyd):

Perhaps we’ll see similar videos for Saul’s daughters Merav and Michal soon?

Check out earlier Of Kings and Prophets trailers and other videos here:

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