Watch: A new featurette for Risen, and new TV spots for Of Kings & Prophets and the live musical The Passion

Watch: A new featurette for Risen, and new TV spots for Of Kings & Prophets and the live musical The Passion February 2, 2016


The videos for new Bible-themed movies and TV shows are coming at an increasingly fast clip these days. Here are three that popped up in the last day or two.

1. First, this four-minute featurette for Risen features quotes from producers Mickey Liddell and Pete Shilaimon, as well as Affirm Films chief Rich Peluso:

It covers the same basic ground as the other featurettes we’ve seen so far, though at one point Peluso says, “It was important for us, as we were going through the process on Risen, starting on the script stage through production, was to involve pastors and leaders and people that I’ve known and worked with and trusted for 25 years.”

This makes it sound like Affirm Films was involved with Risen from the start. But Affirm, and its parent company Sony Pictures, only announced their association with the film ten months ago, after the movie had already been shot. I suppose it’s possible that Affirm was secretly involved all along, but it still sounds kind of odd to me.

Liddell also states that this is “the very first time that we’ve seen a fictional story like Clavius, you know, woven into a biblical story like the, in the New Testament, the Resurrection.” That’s a bit of an exaggeration, of course: films like The Robe and The Inquiry have also told fictitious stories about Romans who were involved with the death of Jesus and/or investigated rumours of his resurrection afterward.

2. The Saul-and-David series Of Kings & Prophets has a new 30-second spot:

3. Tyler Perry has a 30-second spot introducing his live musical The Passion:

Check out earlier Risen trailers and other videos here:

Check out earlier Of Kings & Prophets trailers and other videos here:

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