The 5 Un-Presidential, Rare, or Wild Things We’ll See In A Trump Presidency

The 5 Un-Presidential, Rare, or Wild Things We’ll See In A Trump Presidency January 18, 2017

Eddie McHugh, FLickr

1. Donald Trump will be impeached and replaced– and it will be republicans who do it.

I know this is a bold, long-shot prediction, but hear me out: Republicans don’t want Trump as president, we already know this. He’s too much of a clown show, can’t be trusted to be loyal to the party, and not even his closest advisors are able to keep him under control.

But you know who is everything republicans want? Mike Pence, that’s who. Pence is a tried-and-true conservative who a republican dominated congress would love to work with. With Pence as vice president, republicans actually have more reasons that democrats to begin plotting the impeachment and removal of Trump.

(Trump clearly never had experience on the dating scene where people first learn that, if you’re going to bring a friend, don’t bring one who’s better looking than you are.)

Let’s be honest: Trump is going to have plenty of scandals related to his business dealings and accusations of profiting from office– congress will have no shortage of opportunities to bring impeachment charges against him when the time comes.

And when it does? It won’t even be a left-wing conspiracy— Trump’s days in office are numbered, and the people he should fear are those in his own party.

I’ve been dreading a Trump presidency, but like it or not, it’s happening. The least we can do is make some popcorn and predictions– and these are my 5 predictions of things we’ll see and experience in the next 4 years (or until he’s thrown out of office by his own party).


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