Living Under Israeli Occupation: My Interview With A Christian in Palestine

Living Under Israeli Occupation: My Interview With A Christian in Palestine April 9, 2015


With recent elections in Israel and peace talks with Iran, talk has been in the news once again about the Israel and Palestinian conflict. I’ve also been hosting conversation here on the blog about errant pro-Israel theology that we are taught by fundamentalism, and which encourages us to support the oppression of our Palestinian brothers and sisters- many of them Christians living under oppression of the Israeli occupation.

Debate, as usual, has been heated. Those still stuck in the blind pro-Israel theology we were given without question often respond with anger and accusations of ignorance to those showing sympathy for Palestine, or simply label them “Semitic” and move on (which is kinda funny, since Palestinians are Semites as well, making the hard-line pro-Israel side anti-Semitic itself).

I’ve been told more than once that Israel is the oppressed and Palestine is the oppressor– but is that true? To carry this conversation further, I thought it would be a good idea to sit down with a Christian missionary living in Palestine to tell us about her experiences over the past 11 years living in Palestine. I think it is crucial in this conversation to listen to the voices of those actually living in that area, instead of simply arm-chair quarterbacking the whole thing based on whatever our pastor taught us as kids.

So, please join me for a very special episode of That God Show, where I sit down with Anne from Palestine to ask about her ministry there, and her experiences living under the Israeli occupation for the past 11 years. Of course, you can download it from iTunes, or for ease, I have embedded this special episode right here:

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