A Call To Prayer

A Call To Prayer August 28, 2012

The great folks at Mitt Romney Central and Article 6 Blog — folks we’ve known now for years in the small universe of those who’ve been writing about, following, and supporting Mitt’s long journey to this critical moment — are initiating a call to prayer for our nation and for Mitt and Ann.  They’ve written very similar things, but in our ornery Protestant spirit here at EFM, I want to join in their call, but add our own elements.  Here is what we at EFM will be praying for today and as the campaign unfolds:

We pray for protection: As Hurricane Isaac approaches the Gulf Coast, millions of our fellow citizens face a threat to their lives and property.  We pray for their protection.  At the same time, tens of thousands of young Americans are risking their lives — sadly forgotten by too many — in the mountains of Afghanistan.  We pray for their victory and their protection.  At the same time, both Mitt and President Obama will face enormous pressures and a myriad of critical choices in the days ahead. We pray for their protection, for their wisdom, and that the heat of the campaign will not divide us any more than it must.

We pray for victory: I know that sounds strange to some, but recent events have demonstrated the extent of the Democrats’ commitment to abortion on demand — a legal regime that means death for millions of children.  The Bible could not be more clear that in the choice between life and death that God’s people are to choose life.  So I pray for victory for life.

We pray for unity: A victory that further divides this divided nation could prove hollow, and I pray that men and women who watch Mitt and Ann over these next days would see what so many of us see — a man and woman who love God, love this nation, love each other, and walk in integrity and faith.

We pray for revival: This is the most critical prayer. A nation is never better than its people, and even those who call themselves God’s people are sinful and rebellious.  The path to revival in our culture runs through a revival in the hearts of God’s people, and we pray the Spirit of God would move within His church and through that move God will heal our land.

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