The Wheels Are Coming Off the Sexual Revolution

The Wheels Are Coming Off the Sexual Revolution December 2, 2014
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  • Sagrav

    “A college environment that featured a competing, traditional moral voice, that treated sexual assault not as a party foul but an actual crime, and that demanded real work from students – that would be counter-revolutionary. ”

    Hahaha, nope! Hard core christian campuses are no better then any other colleges when it comes to dealing with sex crimes:

    The wheels aren’t going to come off the sexual revolution simply because the revolution is basically complete at this point. Society has come to accept sex as a normal and pleasurable experience regardless of the marital status of the people involved. The problem that colleges need to deal with right now is sexual assault, which is a completely different act from consensual sex. Increasing the number of grumpy bible thumpers on campus grounds is not going to decrease sexual activity.