Moments in Confederate Flag History: the Clinton and Carter Edition

Moments in Confederate Flag History: the Clinton and Carter Edition June 21, 2015


With all of the newly ignited controversy over the Confederate flag, let’s don’t forget that Democrats don’t have a great record on this. Check out the AP photo of then Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter on Feb. 16 1972, posing in front of a framed confederate battle flag in the Capitol building in Atlanta. 

Plus, this Clinton/Gore button was being sold on eBay.  It’s hard to tell if this was an official campaign button, but we do know that Bill Clinton passed an act that dedicated one star in the Arkansas flag to the confederacy.  (The bill read, “The blue star above the word ‘ARKANSAS’ is to commemorate the Confederate States of America.”)

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One more thing.  Arkansas celebrates a “Confederate Flag Day” every year — including the 8 years that Clinton was Governor.

In case you are wondering… the answer is no.  None of that stopped Hillary from saying that South Carolinians should take down the Confederate flag in Charleston.


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  • Cajsa Lilliehook

    It would have taken you two minutes to see if this was official campaign merchandise. It does not use the campaign’s font, so if it exists, it was made by some individuals who supported them, not their campaign. Anyone can buy buttons from a button manufacturer. It is obvious that this is not from the campaign as all their signage included the campaign font.

  • ceeza

    what is wrong with you? are you trying to make the point that they it it too so its ok? oh they did it also so lets stop talking about it. this is the most juvenile defense of that hate flag.

  • Bill O’Rights

    “Hate flag” shows a total lack of knowledge of one’s history or total belief in every lie the liberal agenda spews into your mouth

  • Zased

    There’s no rhyme or reason to this Ceeza.The Frenches just like to make everything about us and them. Who knows if it’s about true hatred for liberals or if it’s just good for business. Probably a bit of both…..

  • Cliff Britt

    There has been a lot of jawing about the Confederate Flag being flown over several State House. Most notably S.C. where Gov. Nikki Haley and Senator Lindsey “Goober” Graham made television speeches about how the Confederate Flag must be removed. The odd thing about Haley and Graham’s speeches is that the flag has be flying over S.C. State House for at least fifteen years. I think there is a lot of political opportunism stench on both of them. There is racism on both side of the fence. What so called “black leaders” should start concerning themselves with is the condition of black ghettoes and the lack of education among the black community. The lack of security on borders which is little to none. There is plenty to worry about and plenty that needs to be done but to be fretting over a flag is the least of the black community’s problems.

  • Charles Nix

    We aren’t talking about 1976. We are talking about right. fucking. NOW!

  • redape

    Jimmy Carter is standing in front of the GEORGIA STATE FLAG that existed from 1954-2002. He was Governor at the time this photo was taken. It’s not as if he could refuse to stand in front go a flag that was the official flag of the State.

    You’ll note the date when the flag was brought in that incorporated the Stars & Bars. The height of the Segregationist battles with the government. The flag was not used as the State Flag until then. In Georgia it was very much a symbol of racism.

    They’ve since returned to a State Flag that is much more attuned to the standard used throughout most of the States history…true heritage,,,not a false revisionist one.

  • redape

    Apparently Nancy also missed the “I’m Just a Bill” episode of School House Rock. A Governor doesn’t “pass an Act”. It’s the legislature that does THAT. A Governor may veto that Act, but it may not have been effectual given the votes.

    In addition the star on the flag doesn’t single out the Confederacy as anything other than commemorating the Confederacy as one of FOUR governments that Arkansas existed under.

    The lower three stars commemorate Spain, France, and the U.S., and the last star the CSA. The flag is not itself a Confederate flag…and the star merely acknowledges that the state was a member of the Confederacy, just as it was part of the empires of Spain and France. History and Heritage.

  • SalisburyWitch

    Um… the flag that is being banned – that rectangular stars and bars never actually flew over anything in the Confederate States of America, and IS a hate flag ever since it’s inception in 1961 where it was used as a symbol of oppression in the Jim Crow south. Multiple hate groups adopted it, including the KKK, and other groups. If you are going to continue to say it’s your history, then you should be flying one of the 3 flags that the CSA DID approve, or the state flag during that time. The closest flag to those stars and bars are the SQUARE Battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (1861-1865) and the Confederate navy (1863-1865), also square. It’s not a liberal like that the flag that today is called the Confederate flag is called a hate flag – that’s what it was used for. When the Dixiecrats grew upset with LBJ for signing the Civil Rights bills into law, and switched parties to spite him, they used that flag as a rallying cry.
    So tell ME about my lack of knowledge of history? What else do you want to know about the era during the US Civil War? How about Reconstruction?

  • SalisburyWitch

    More than likely, it was made by someone who DIDN’T support them. It would be easy to find out. Says that they weren’t campaign buttons. All campaign buttons had to be approved, and then made by union workers – those buttons do not have the union symbol on them, and the guy that had to approve them had never seen them before.

  • MotherGinger

    That was not the Georgia state flag in 2002. It looked like this during my entire childhood and young adulthood:

  • MungFace

    You are telling lies. As redape has demonstrated very clearly. You deliberately took everything way out of context to try and spread blame as much as you could.

    Seriously, you are trying to tie some random thing you found on eBay to Clinton himself? This is what you call research at this site? No wonder every article on here is so friggin stupid. You are a devoted liar, and we know what the good book says about liars.

  • Bill O’Rights

    That is not the stars and bars so yeah, you need to learn history. The Battle Flag also existed before 1961 since it was used in Civil War Battle s. The KKK and other groups used the US flag till the last 50-60 years so you probably will want to attack that one also. Pssst the US flag is also the flag of segregation, Jim Crow and other various Indian Atrocities.

    I’d love for you to teach me about Reconstruction and how the last slave owners were Northern generals who again used the US flag.

  • satanaugustine

    “It’s hard to tell if this was an official campaign button….”

    No, it’s rather easy to find this out:

    Do some research before writing such nonsense.

  • BackAsswardzz

    I think the meat of the research has been done, but you choose to ignore it:

    …”we do know that Bill Clinton passed an act that dedicated one star in the Arkansas flag to the confederacy.” AND “Arkansas celebrates a “Confederate Flag Day” every year — including the 8 years that Clinton was Governor” AND Hilary choose to ignore all of that when pontificating from her pulpit.

    You can have the button and the lying hypocrite. I’ll take the facts, thanks.

  • Jerry Baustian

    The Democrats who you refer to as Dixiecrats, the ones who voted against the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, did not switch parties. Strom Thurmond did, but he was the only one — the rest remained Democrats for the rest of their lives. (Including Dick Gephardt of Missouri, who is the only one still alive, and still a Democrat.)

  • SalisburyWitch

    The battle flag was square, not the rectangular one that is called the Confederate flag so it’s not the same flag. As for the KKK and other groups using American flags – the last I heard they were American citizens as well – and are entitled to use it. Churches use the American flag, and so do American communists (I guess). I didn’t say that the American flag WASN’T used to do bad things but it wasn’t CREATED to do that. As for Reconstruction, had Lincoln lived, the south would have had a better time of it, because Andrew Johnson was fighting a war with Congress and his cabinet over the fact that he was Southern and they hadn’t trusted him (during his term as VP, he was often excluded from things he shouldn’t have been because they didn’t trust him because he was from the South) and he was fighting with the South because he blamed them for the whole war, and thought that they should NEVER have seceded. As a result, southern reconstruction was not done well. And the Northern generals were not the last slave owners, because slavery was abolished. Please take a US History course and actually learn our history.

  • SalisburyWitch

    Clinton didn’t start the Confederate Flag Day, and as Governor, he was not the one that would have had to stop it – it would have been the Arkansas State Legislature, and they wouldn’t have. Again, the act to dedicate the star to the confederacy would have been passed by the state legislature, and not Clinton. He probably could have vetoed it, but they would have over-rode the veto. As Governor and as President, you have to know when to use that Veto power. As Governor and as President, there are 3 choices to make when a bill comes to your desk: 1) sign it (usually an important bill or one you endorse), 2) let it ride (usually done when you don’t like the bill but you know they can over ride your veto) or 3) veto it (usually done if you don’t think they can over ride it, or if you REALLY don’t like it and you don’t care if they over ride it) So your “Facts” are not quite accurate.

  • SalisburyWitch

    The ones that called themselves Dixiecrats – the racist ones did that. There were some that didn’t have the balls to change their party, but the majority did. Let’s see some proof.

  • BackAsswardzz

    Clinton signed the legislation and continued honoring the Confederate Flag at the state capital. You’re in complete denial and your support of the Clintons is borderline delusional.

  • SalisburyWitch

    Clinton may have signed it, but it could be that he didn’t think it was a battle worth fighting. You do realize that sometimes governors and presidents do sign bills that they aren’t fond of because they can use the trade off on what they do want, or because they think if they veto it, it will get overridden anyway. You’re an idiot if you think that just because Clinton was governor when this particular legislation went into effect means HILLARY supports it. Bill is not going to be a part of Hillary’s cabinet or involved in her decision making.

  • BackAsswardzz

    You are blind as a bat. Problem is, you have no radar.

  • aerosgrl

    Still a Battle Flag! Was used during the Civil War! Many men of all race fought under that flag. Many men have that flag on their grave markers. Slavery was one of the many things fought during the civil war BUT it wasn’t over the “moral” issue of owing slaves!

  • aerosgrl

    I thought Obama thought us that we are we not suppose to judge a majorly of people by what a few have done!!

    If you like your qutoes Obama you can keep them… they just have to go both ways, not just yours!

  • aerosgrl

    So did Lincoln only want “White Labor” in the west???

  • aerosgrl

    Thank you for educating them!!!!

  • SalisburyWitch

    What was it over, genius? If you say “state’s rights” what right was it over?

  • SalisburyWitch

    What does Obama have to do with what happened in 1965 under LBJ? You just have run out of arguments and you are posting without reading the rest of the posts. If you’re just too lazy to do that, then just don’t freaking post.

  • SalisburyWitch

    Are you normally an idiot, or is this just a special occasion? You need to ACTUALLY READ the conversation and understand what the whole thing is about – not just troll it.