A Gold Star Dad Makes His Case against the Iran Deal

A Gold Star Dad Makes His Case against the Iran Deal August 17, 2015

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David French writes on National Review:

The truly chilling thing is that the Obama administration now admits that its “deal” will lead to increased funding for terror groups, yet it persists in arguing that it’s the only way to prevent a war. Yet if Iran is killing American soldiers — and has been doing so for years — can the administration credibly say we’re at peace? 

This dad doesn’t think so.  His son was killed while in Iraq by an Iranian made bomb.

David goes on to say, “The tragic — unconscionable — reality is that if Veterans Against the Deal wanted to do an ad for every American family touched by Iranian terror, these two ads would be followed by a thousand more. Iran is at war with the United States, and Barack Obama’s deal strengthens our enemy.”

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