3 Reasons Why the #BlackLivesMatter Crowd Is Angry at Fear the Walking Dead

3 Reasons Why the #BlackLivesMatter Crowd Is Angry at Fear the Walking Dead September 10, 2015


I’m not making this up.  For those Walking Dead fanatics who are also watching the new series “Fear the Walking Dead” (you all should!), there’s a new controversy about which you might want to know.

Apparently the #BlackLivesMatter crowd is upset that three of the early deaths on the series’ first couple of episodes are black.  Yes, several white drug users and homeless people are also killed, but the black activists are saying that the show is “racist.” (See coverage at the Hollywood Reporter and Vanity Fair.)

My husband David French tackles this “controversy” over on National Review:

But while critics are trying to reverse-affirmative-action the body count (What do we want? More white zombies! When do we want them? Now!) they’re missing the real outrage — #BlackLivesMatter is helping cause the zombie apocalypse.

As the show unfolds, outrage over police shootings is causing crowds to gather exactly where the zombies are, the crowds are refusing to disperse despite the fact that the entirety of human civilization hangs in the balance, and consequently they’re primed to be transformed from a spontaneous public uprising to a cannibalistic zombie herd in a matter of hours. It’s a clever plot device, one that explores how the public would actually react to mind-boggling video footage of an apparently harmless drug addict being shot over and over and over again simply because he was walking towards a police officer. But whether they mean to or not, police reform activists are causing the literal (literal!) end of the world.

Moreover, while the activists chart zombie deaths they’re also missing the inherent conservatism of the entire series — indeed, the entire genre. As I lay out in the latest edition of the print mag, Zombie World is a pretty darn conservative place. The government’s going to fail, you better grab your guns, and don’t even think about trying to build some kind of utopia out of the ruins – because utopias always die in fire and blood. Pajama Boy has to man up and learn to fight with an AK, a Katana, or a crossbow, or Pajama Boy is going to be breakfast. As I say in my article, Zombie World is governed by a code: “Live by conservatism, die by liberalism, and the only way you give up your Smith & Wesson is if someone pries it from your rotting, zombified hand.

I am watching Fear the Walking Dad, without having seen one episode of Fear the Walking Dead — so far, so good! (I’m hoping the Lorenzo Henrie character metamorphoses into a gun-toting zombie killer…!)

In the meantime, to paraphrase David, zombies are gonna munch, and I don’t think they’re going to do it in an activist-approved manner.

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