“I Had to Thank Him…”

“I Had to Thank Him…” August 22, 2012

From the NY Times “Recalling the Real Dog Day Afternoon’, 40 Years On.”  The story covers a harrowing experience of being taken hostage during a bank robbery 40 years ago in Brooklyn.  Ms. Goettisheim prayed for protection and felt she received it.  I wonder if in the last 40 years many of us lost this sentiment…

She went home, put her navy suit and stockings in the wash, took a bath and put on a new set of clothes without resting or eating.

Mass was in just two hours.

“The first thing I figured when I got home was that I had asked God for help, and he gave it to me,” she said. “I had to thank him.”

How beautiful to get to Holy Mass to thank God for protection, for life.  How often do we stop to thank God not just for the big things… but for everything we have.  Lets rebuild our Catholic culture and make the sentiments of Ms. Goettisheim part of our being again.

Go read the entire article here.  There’s a pretty cool slide show too.

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