Life doesn’t just happen…

Life doesn’t just happen… August 1, 2012

So in the midst of all the fun of launching a blog… parish duties call.

One of the first things that strikes me as different between seminary and priesthood… beyond all the awesome stuff… is the lack of a schedule!  Parish Mass in the AM, possible funeral, but then an afternoon of… emptiness!  What to do??  It’s easy to do a whole lot of nothing – but I didn’t get ordained to be lazy.  Priesthood is for the go-getters.  We all can’t just sit around waiting for life to happen.  Same with the spiritual life isn’t it – it doesn’t just happen!  We have to work at it.

On that note – out to make some homebound visits.

I’ll leave you with this… as parish life continues on… as it always will… our country and our Church face some major struggles.

Writing on the HHS Mandate and what it’s all really about, Cardinal Dolan on his blog today said:

Over the course of the coming year, the effort to protect religious liberty and the freedom of conscience will continue. In the end, this is not about bishops, it is not about Catholics, it is not about contraceptives.  It is about the ideals our nation was founded upon: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  You can’t do much better than the First Amendment to the Constitution.  The founding fathers got it right.  The HHS mandate gets it wrong.  We are fighting to correct that wrong, in order to make sure that religious freedom continues for the generations to come after us.

Go read the entire thing over at His Eminence’s place.

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