Law, Anger and Lesbians

Law, Anger and Lesbians July 10, 2019

LawGot Law?

I know you are because you come and you try to convince me that I’m wrong. You want to use scriptures in the bible to defend your position and you can’t see that what you are is bound by law. A law is something that you abide by, like having a drivers license before you get behind the wheel. If you break the law, you get punished. You think that homosexuality is against God’s law, right?

Lovers of Law over Grace

The Jews had the law. The whole point of it was to show them that, even though they added so many ridiculous laws to God’s original, they could not attain to perfection through the law. You can’t make me perfect through the law, any more than you can make yourself perfect. Law has never saved anyone but it sure has damned a lot of folk.

Rule KeepersLaw

The Jews, “strained at a gnat and swallowed a camel” according to Jesus. They were so focused on following God’s rules and their added rules that Jesus’ lack of rules infuriated them. It’s the same way with you, oh legalistic one. You want to set up the Kingdom so that no one can enter, not even you. Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost is not for rule keepers. They are too busy trying to find legalistic reasons for why you are in violation of the law.

Same Pay for all of usLaw

That’s your problem, you have taken the rule of law and tried to apply it to my life. Love minds its own business but you don’t know that. Jesus talked about a story of laborers. He said that the master paid all of them the same, even though one only worked an hour. You probably didn’t realize the full extent of what he was talking about did you? Would you like me to go on?

Equal Punishment?

The religious want equal punishment. When they obey the law, they want the law breaker to be punished. They become self-righteous and arrogant, pointing at those they believe are breaking their law. A child cries out, “my brother did it and you have to spank him too or its not fair”! Yet, there is something in their nearsightedness that they fail to consider, “the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of SIN and DEATH”.

Mind Your Business

“How dare you”, you cry! How could I say I’m free from sin? I didn’t declare it, but I believe it. I believe that “sin” is anything that interrupts your relationship with your creator. That is personal, and you cannot tell me what is separating me from God, just as it is none of my business that you enjoy pornography and have the nerve to be offended by the amazing, committed, precious love that I have with my wife and best friend of twenty years.

LawIt’s My Relationship

The spirit of life has delivered us from rule keeping and using the Bible, Old or New Testament as some ridiculous rule book. You go around touting your memorized verses as if you have attained some kind of enlightenment that you wish to oppress others with. Yet, the WHOLE point of an indwelling presence is that each one of us has a PERSONAL relationship with our creator. We are all capable of discerning love.

Law isn’t Greater

When you follow the law, you believe that a legal verse supersedes a spirit led life. You believe that all of us must measure up to the law. Yet, in your finite understanding, you have missed the beauty of being free from law. Freedom from law allows us to love one another with great grace. Oh, I heard that, I know where you are going. Let’s talk about pedophiles, bestiality and other perversions that exclude you. We won’t talk about your pornography.

We don’t hurt peopleLaw

When you compare my love, my unconditional love for my wife with someone who hurts another, you show your ignorance. Even if we had lived celibate lives, I would have stayed with my wife all the same. I would have danced with her, laughed with her and never engaged in anything other than a friendship had I thought that God needed me to. I was like you then, I kept the rules but did not know love.

What love looks likeLaw

Love is patient, like my wife when I leave the cupboards open all the time, forgetting to shut them. My wife always asks me about my day and doesn’t return evil for evil when her own family rejects her because love is kind. Love doesn’t envy, like my wife who is content with our life. She doesn’t wish to be someone else, even though it would have been easier for her. Love isn’t proud and doesn’t boast. My wife knows the truth, but she won’t do what you do with your bible in your ignorance. She won’t force you to let go of your prejudice. She won’t stalk your blogs or your Facebook and call you a religious zealot.

I Dare You

Oh there is more, but I boast in the love that we have, the joy that our lives have become since leaving the institutional church and religion behind. The bible stays in the drawer nowadays, unless I need to talk to someone who is like I was, a religious zealot who is blind to the truth. I find that speaking Christianese to a Christian can sometimes help them to see the truth. I don’t get angry, I have hope that you will listen and hear the two simple commands of Jesus. He said for us to love God and love others. That is easy when you throw away the law of the Old Testament and the Law of the New Testament to embrace a spirit led life. I dare you to try.

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