Oh, Hello.

Oh, Hello. July 1, 2013

Hi there.

How embarassing. It seems that nearly two months have gone by since I last wrote anything. Oops. That was not intentional.

A lot has happened since my last post.

Maggie finished pre-school for the summer.

I was sick a lot. And tired. Too tired to do much besides stare at the TV while eating saltines.

Oh, and keeping the toddler alive.

But since then I’ve seen the babies again, little jelly beans. And Maggie and I got to hear the little peanuts on the doppler at 11-ish weeks.

I’m 14 weeks and finally feeling mostly myself again. I have as much energy as I’m going to have. And my appetite is back. Like woah. Which is good because, my goodness I’m supposed to eat a lot of food.  8 servings of dairy a day. 8! And 175 grams of protein. Who can eat all of this?

I’m working on it.

We took a trip to “the beach” — the Indiana Dunes. So much fun. We took M to the beach all three days and we celebrated Atticus’ birthday, which happened to also be Father’s Day.

IMG_0563Love her so much.

In other M news, Maggie now sleeps in a “big girl bed” otherwise known as a twin bed. Wanted to transition from the crib a long time before the babies come, so she won’t feel that they “stole” her bed.

So we took a trip to the mall last weekend and picked out some delightful “daisy garden” big girl bedding.

IMG_0575What little girl wouldn’t love that?

IMG_0577Smiling on her brand new bed!

I attended my very first “Northside Moms of Twins and Multiples” group with a twin mom friend on my street (yes, there’s going to be two sets of twins born within 2 years on my street!). It was an exciting and sort of overwhelming experience. It was great to meet so many other women who are surviving and thriving with twins!

On Saturday we celebrated Maggie’s half-birthday with her friends and grandma and grandpa.

Tuesday we drive out to PA to visit my grandparents. Lots of exciting things happening in our neck of the woods.

At the end of July we get to find out the gender of the babies. I cannot wait! Mostly I’m chomping at the bit to start decorating the twins’ room, which is currently our guest room. I’ve got my color schemes all picked out for each set of possibilities. Pinterest is dangerous.

Now that I’m basically myself again, I hope to have more energy and ideas for writing. There’s been a lot to process since finding out about the twins. Hoping to dive back in after our trip.

Oh, and prayers please. I have an OB appointment this morning. Totally routine, but I always feel a little anxious before hand. Thanks!

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  • Pat

    Thank you for writing. I love that cute pink swim outfit that Maggie is wearing. Have a great time out east. A cute bedroom.