The Cranach hour of music

The Cranach hour of music December 9, 2014

When we blogged about the Wittenberg Nightingale,  the all-Lutheran online radio channel, the number of listeners shot up into the stratosphere.  So founder Lori Lewis said that as a gesture of thanks, she would set aside a block of programming and bill it as “brought to you by” the Cranach Institute!  The hour will be devoted to the Magnificat.

It will start TONIGHT from 7:30-9:30 ET (in about 20 minutes!).  But it will be repeated three times a day for the next two weeks.  Go here.  More details after the jump.

TONIGHT!!! 7:30 PM Eastern time is a special meditation on Mary’s Magnificat sponsored by the Listen via our station the Wittenberg Nightingale
Throughout history many and varied composers have used Mary’s words to magnify the Lord in song. The Cranach Institute is a research and educational arm of Concordia Theological Seminary devoted to working out the implications of the Lutheran doctrine of vocation and engaging contemporary culture with the truths of the Lutheran confessions. Visit them
This will be a special back to back airing tonight from 7:30 PM Eastern time to 9:30 PM Eastern time. There will be rebroadcast during the next two weeks as well!

Katie Luther

The Cranach Inst. Hour will start tonight with a special back to back airing of it from 7:30-9:30pm ET. It will all be a meditation on the Magnificat.
Then it will air 3 days a day after that. I will get you the times for those airings!

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