And now multigender

And now multigender February 14, 2017

625px-Whitehead-link-alternative-sexuality-symbol.svgHow many genders are there?  Jenny Crofton says an infinite number.  And that each person has a unique gender.  (That doesn’t add up to infinity, but let that pass.)  She goes on to describe the phenomenon of “multigender.”  She says that individuals can have change their genders, inhabit more than one gender at the same time, switch genders according to one’s company, and on and on.  She lists 12 specific types of multigender.

You can be any combination of genders you want and change them at will.  BUT, she says, you must NOT commit the sin of cultural appropriation.  You can’t be a “two-spirit” gender, as in some native American cultures, because only native Americans can be that.

Also, if you are multigender, as I guess everyone is, you are to be considered “trans.”  And you are oppressed and should be on the lookout for microaggressions.  Crofton goes on to give the answers to 10 questions you may have.

From Jenny Crofton, What Does Multigender Mean? 10 Questions You May Be Afraid to Ask – Answered:

[Keep reading. . .]See also this discussion of the article from Katherine Timpf.


Illustration By AnonMoo,Version of a bisexual symbol consisting of a male sign and female sign connected as an infinity symbol or figure-8 interlinked with a circle (i.e. a Whitehead link).Public Domain,

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