The Sexual Revolution & Big Government

The Sexual Revolution & Big Government July 9, 2018

My former colleague Stephen Baskerville has published a powerful book on how the sexual revolution and its revolutionaries (including feminists, the LGBT movement, no-fault divorce advocates, etc.) have contributed to the growth of big government and state power.  The book is entitled The New Politics of Sex: The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties and the Growth of Government Power.

Read the review in The Federalist by Paul Rowan Brian, ‘The New Politics Of Sex’ Explains How Sexual Libertinism Grows Government:

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate knockout punch to progressive sexual ideology, look no further. Author Stephen Baskerville tears modernity’s cult of sexual and gender liberation to shreds in his book The New Politics of Sex: The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties and the Growth of Government Power. Despite some holes in his libertarianism-meets-theocon argument, Baskerville’s ideas are well worth considering. The book posits a number of links between the growth of Orwellian state power and redefinitions of the family, marriage, and sex.

Baskerville pins the blame for society’s woes on sexual radicals who are agitating directly and indirectly for the destruction of the family, and men in particular. This is a keystone book, especially in the Age of the Incel, although it’s worth noting that those who read it may go from being an incel (involuntarily celibate) to a volcel (voluntarily celibate).

Baskerville’s thesis is that the effects of the sexual revolution have led the West to the brink of social and economic ruin. Think of the inverse of “The Handmaid’s Tale”: no patriarchal dystopia but instead a bloated welfare state run into the ground by shrieking feminists and perpetually aggrieved outrage merchants justifying their own power by worsening the very problems they claim to be solving. Baskerville identifies ongoing efforts by radical feminists and homosexual activists to demonize and dismantle the two-parent heterosexual family and shows how these movements are deeply intertwined with a dangerous growth in state power and bureaucratic intrusion.

“Feminists and more recently homosexual political activists have now positioned themselves at the vanguard of left-wing politics, shifting the political discourse from the economic and racial to the social and increasingly the sexual,” Baskerville writes, adding that these groups are pursuing a “social and sexual confrontation with the private family, marriage, masculinity, and religion.”

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