Make Your Predictions for 2019!

Make Your Predictions for 2019! January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!  It is now the Year of the Lord 2019!  What do you think will happen this year?  Today, New Year’s Day, in addition to watching the Rose Bowl Parade, recovering from the previous night’s revelry, and eating your regional good-luck food (black-eyed peas here in Oklahoma), we celebrate by making predictions.

Our annual contest begins.  Here are my explanations from last year:

The custom on this blog on New Years Day is for readers to predict what they think will happen over the course of the year ahead. Then, once the year is over, on or around the next New Year’s Eve, we will revisit those predictions and see who made the best one. . . .

The predictions can be weighty or light, serious or whimsical. Winning predictions will likely be highly specific. They tend to seem highly unlikely at the time they are made, but then, to our surprise, they happen anyway. The winning prediction makes us think, “How could anyone possibly know THAT was going to happen?”

Read yesterday’s post “The Winning Predictions for 2018” to see the kind of thing we are looking for and how we will be judging your predictions on the next Near Year’s Eve.

The next year should be pretty momentous.  We should finally get the results of the Mueller probe.  Candidates for president will be announcing and jockeying for position in the primaries that will begin early in 2020.  Will the Democrats choose moderation, or will they launch a Great Proletarian Socialist Cultural Revolution?  Will a Republican run against President Trump, and will he or she have a chance?  Will President Trump battle through all of the investigations and obstacles being thrown up by his enemies to fulfill his agenda?

Will the economy get worse or better?  Will the culture get worse or better?  What do you think will happen among Christians?  Which pendulums will start swinging in the opposite direction?

You tell me in the comments.

I’ll go first:

President Trump will get tired of being president, fed up with all of the grief he is getting and frustrated by the constant investigations.  (The Mueller probe will come up with only minor violations, but the Democratically-controlled House and the state of New York will launch new investigations into his business transactions that he will find troublesome.)  If it was up to him, he might not run for a second term, but he knows that the minute he is no longer president, his enemies will put him in serious legal jeopardy.  So, I predict that he will resign from the presidency, invoking the Gerald Ford precedent by having the new President Pence issuing him “a full and unconditional pardon for any crimes he might have committed.”

Now it’s your turn.


Illustration by mohamed_hassan via Pixabay, CC0, Creative Commons

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