It Was the Very First Time They Ever Experienced God’s Presence

It Was the Very First Time They Ever Experienced God’s Presence March 29, 2018

Have you ever uncovered someone’s story that helped you understand where they were coming from? Many times it takes just a listening ear and a willing heart to recognize—and see beyond a face—the soul of a precious human being. Everyone has a story and many of those stories need a shoulder to lean on.

Gospel for Asia-supported-workers are oftentimes these listening ears to those around them. Their loving lives are helping break through the emotional walls of individuals and families who are struggling or in great need. This is exactly what God did through GFA-supported pastor Jaldev.

Uncovering Chunmay’s Story

It was a mystery what that house in the middle of the village held. The secret was not immediately told to Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Jaldev, but a little boy from the village challenged him to find out. He said if Pastor Jaldev was a true servant of Christ and cared for others, then he would go and visit the family that lived in that house.

Uncovering Chunmay’s Story - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia
Pastor Jaldev and part of his family.

Pastor Jaldev made the journey to the house, and there he uncovered this family’s sad story. The pastor could tell sorrow gripped the hearts of the people inside the house. Their spirits were wounded, and so were their hearts. As Pastor Jaldev introduced himself to the family, one young man named Chunmay shared their history.

“We are three brothers. Our elder brother [Ajisth] passed away due to some sickness,” Chunmay said, “After he died, we were in deep sorrow. We had our own land, in which we use to farm vegetables and some other crops.

“My father is old; therefore, my brother Ajisth did not want him to work in the field, and mother cannot work in the field. She is involved in household work. My elder brother was the one who was taking care of all the business, like selling the vegetables, wheat paddy etc. After the harvest, he sold these all in the market. At that time, I and my younger brother were studying in the high school.”

Chunmay continued, “We lived our lives joyfully. There was nothing lacking in our home. We had money, reputation, car, everything. But some of our relatives were not happy to see our beautiful life. I believe that they went to witch craft charmers and did some [witch craft] against us. Within a few days, we started to have loss in our business. My brother fell sick and passed away. Then all the responsibility came to my shoulders. I was so new to this business; though I was helping my brother in the business, but I did not have much knowledge. Secondly, when the business partners came to know that my brother died, they broke all contracts with us. Our destiny left us in such a circumstance where no one was with us to help us. We were all alone. Gradually, we lost our business.

“I left my studies and started to work in a book shop. One day, while I was coming from my work, … there was a thorn laying down on the road, which went into my right foot. I did not take it seriously and ignored it. Slowly it became a wound and was growing day after day. Finally, I had to be admitted in the hospital. The doctors treated me very well and somehow I was healed. But it did not end there. After one month I lost my eyesight, and [I was] not able to see.”

With tears Chunmay ended his story and pleaded with Pastor Jaldev to save their lives.

“God can change your sorrow into joy,” Pastor Jaldev comforted.  “You just need to have faith in Him.”

He prayed for the family and assured them of his continual prayers and invited the family to church.

One Sunday, Chunmay and his whole family showed up at the church for prayer. It was the very first time in their lives that they experienced God’s presence. Relationships began to form as Pastor Jaldev visited their home from time to time, and they began to get involved in the church’s activities.

Pr. Jaldev and some of the believers fasted for one week on behalf of Chunmay and his family, and the Lord answered their prayers. The family’s life began to be transformed by the power of Christ.

Chunmay began to see again; the Lord had healed his eyes! Chunmay was so happy to regain his eye sight as he was able to fully witness his entire family’s condition improve. Chunmay and his younger brother have now opened a small shop in their home, and they are earning a good amount of money once more. But beyond the financial stability they now have, the family has experienced the love of Jesus for themselves all because Pastor Jaldev and his faithful congregation were there for them as the hands and feet of Jesus. This is the first miracle in this village and through this testimony many of the villagers started to come to church.

It Was the Very First Time They Ever Experienced God’s Presence - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia

We at Gospel for Asia (GFA) praise the Lord for His love that transforms lives like Chunmay’s. Our brothers and sisters in Asia get the chance to witness this transformation often as they pursue the Lord’s heart in sharing the news of Christ’s sacrifice and love. There is joy beyond joy when we consider these stories. Praise the Lord who is mighty to save!

“The Lord your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” —Zephaniah 3:17


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