Jesus Well Provides Safe Drinking Water and Changed Attitudes

Jesus Well Provides Safe Drinking Water and Changed Attitudes April 6, 2018

At Gospel for Asia, we’ve been praying for the water crisis that’s been happening in South Africa. Sometimes I think about it a little more as I take a shower, drink a glass of clean water, or see the rain pouring down. Millions upon millions around the world are wondering where their next drink of water will come from.

Can you imagine waking up this morning at the crack of dawn to wait in line for the water truck to arrive? Maybe you have to dunk your bucket into a dirty old well, because it is your only source of water supply. Your children are getting sick often and you know the brown substance you’re drinking is not ideal. But you have no other choice.

Balab and the other Christians in his village had a problem of their own. They were banned from the public water source—a source that was already polluted and full of bad bacteria. If they needed to get water, they had to wake up early before the sun rose to avoid being beaten or abused. It was an ongoing struggle.

No More Morning Secrets

Before Balab, his wife and five children met Jesus, they were often sick. Malaria, typhoid and jaundice frequently plagued their family, and there seemed to be no end to it. Balab had to start selling his land, cattle and even trees to pay for doctor fees. As sicknesses continued, the bills did too, and eventually Balab had to take out loans from his friends and family members.

Poverty took hold of their lives in more ways than one. Balab and his family were poor in spirit and discouraged. Peace had left their home, and there seemed no hope of help for their family.

But one day, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Salm met Balab, and the two men began to talk. Over the course of their conversation, Balab shared with Pastor Salm about his family and their deep discouragement. Balab learned about the hope Salm had in God’s Word and listened to the pastor as he prayed for him and his family.

pastor Salm and his family - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia
This is Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Salm and his family. God used him to speak hope into Balab’s life and to bring a Jesus Well for 150 villagers to use.

Pastor Salm visited Balab and his family once a week and saw with his own eyes the struggles they faced. The pastor earnestly prayed for them. Slowly he witnessed how the Lord answered his consistent prayers.

Balab and his family began to heal from their sicknesses, and joy entered their lives. Instead of sorrow, peace came into their home, and they began to go to church. They had experienced Jesus, and now nothing would take that hope away from them—not even opposition.

Rejection, Violence from the Community

When the villagers saw that Balab and his family had begun to follow Christ, they beat them and prohibited them from getting water from the village well or pond. Balab and his family had to wake up early in order to gather water without being harmed. If they didn’t secretly go to the forbidden well, they had to travel nearly a mile and a half to get water from the river.

Jesus Well Provides Safe Drinking Water, and Changes Attitudes Too 

Pastor Salm saw this struggle, so he requested a Jesus Well to be drilled in this village. By God’s grace, a Jesus Well was installed, and the village had a new source of clean, safe drinking water for everyone to use. The villager’s hearts began to change toward the believers as they, too, pumped water from the new well.

We, the Gospel for Asia (GFA) community, find great joy in knowing pure water is being given to many villages around Asia! The need is vast, but we know change comes one step at a time. We praise the Lord for the work that has begun and will continue by His grace! And we continue to pray for those in South Africa and Asia who are still struggling without enough water. May the Lord hear our prayers and provide. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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