Technology Shares Christ’s Love with a Village

Technology Shares Christ’s Love with a Village November 29, 2018

Often times, people will argue the pros and cons of different methods of sharing Christ’s love. I used to be that way, but after reading articles from various missionary organizations, I’ve learned there is no method that is effective for every individual.

For many people in other countries, illiteracy is a problem. In India more than 34 percent of the population is illiterate.[1] Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia have a literacy rate higher than 75 percent, but that still leaves portions of the population illiterate.[2]

This is why digital media, such as films, are such great tools. It shares the Good News with those who can’t read a Bible or literature. Plus, who doesn’t like a good movie, especially when the good guy ultimately wins?

Struggling with Sweat on Their Way

Technology Shares Christ’s Love with a Village - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia
Aadit (pictured) is part of a GFA-supported film team and seeks to share Christ’s love through showing films about Jesus’ life.

GFA-supported film teams often travel on foot, from village to village, with sweat running down their faces. Unless they travel by bus or have their own vehicle, they have no other way to haul the projector and generator, which they use for power in rural areas that have no electricity.[3] Aadit, a GFA-supported missionary and his team walked and carried a projector on a narrow path leading to a village.[4]

An Unexpected Treat

I can’t imagine how heavy film projectors are, yet these men believed it would be worth carrying so those who have never heard of God’s love would finally have the chance.

Many in the West take movies for granted. Movie theaters are just a few minutes from home. Almost every house has a DVD or Blue Ray player. Movies are no longer a novelty. But in many rural villages across the globe, films are a rare occurrence. In the village where Aadit was showing the film about Jesus, villagers had no way to visit a movie theater. So when the team arrived with equipment in tow, excitement stirred around the village.

The film team prayed for the work of the Holy Spirit to be present and for changed hearts. That night, as the film was shown, the audience grew to around 95 people.

As villagers watched the film displaying what Jesus had done for them, 10 people were moved and embraced the Lord’s love in their lives.

Movies Share Christ’s Love with Others

You never know how the Lord will work in people’s lives to draw them to Himself. For people who are illiterate, it may be as simple as watching a movie. Through the work of national missionaries such as Aadit, families are coming to love Christ and people are seeing His message of hope for the first time.

Whether you use literature, prefer conversations or showing a movie, people will react to the message of Christ’s love and sacrifice in different ways. The Holy Spirit is able to work in our feeble efforts to bring people to Himself.

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