Winter Without Warmth is Tough for Those Who Minister in Asia

Winter Without Warmth is Tough for Those Who Minister in Asia November 30, 2018

Growing up in North Texas, one of the rarest sights must be snow. Even when it happens to snow, it lasts barely a day. A veritable blizzard to come roaring through is among the oddest of occasions. Looking back, I remember one winter day, as a boy when I watched the snow fall and the ice harden outside the walls of my family’s home. With the roads effectively closed, school was not an option. As Texas tends to not prepare for major snow events, it took three days until the roads were somewhat safe to drive on.

Winter Without Warmth is Tough for Those Who Minister in Asia - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia
In 2016, more than 170,000 blankets were distributed at GFA-supported events like this one.

Each time I and my family would go outside to play in the snow there was always the house, warm and cozy, waiting for us when we were done. Even to this day, I have a place of warmth to return to. During our ventures out into the cold, we always bundled up. Hats, gloves and coats aplenty—there was no shortage of warm clothing.

Protection Against the Biting Cold

Severe cold in Texas is an oddity—severe cold in Asia is not. There are numerous first-hand accounts of the chill and its severity in the mountainous regions of Asia. Unlike the residents of Texas and most in the West, there are many in Asia who do not possess indoor heating. There are even more who have little to no warm clothing, let alone blankets. Freezing houses and threadbare blankets do little in warding off the cold. Temperatures reach below freezing and have oftentimes proved to be deadly.

During a particularly cold winter season in Asia, multiple winter clothing gift distributions took place. GFA-supported workers handed out packets containing jackets, sweaters, and blankets.

“For this winter, I have no worry now,” said Lalan, recipient of a winter clothing packet who was anxious over the coming cold season.

Another receiver of winter clothing, Nehal, said,

I am truly happy that I am receiving a blanket. I have been feeling cold, and this blanket will help me face winter.”

Warmth for Those Who Minister in Asia

The needy weren’t the only ones to receive winter clothing packets. GFA-supported workers were also blessed.

In the harshest winters, ministering can become difficult. Blizzards, treacherous snow, and the blistering cold are but a few of the difficulties faced by the many brothers and sisters serving in the northern, mountainous regions. Kirpal is a GFA-supported pastor who serves there.

“The winter is severe in my ministry place since it is surrounded by mountains. The cold wave affects our health,” says Kirpal. “Visiting believers and doing [ministry is] difficult during winter without the proper warm clothes.”

Kirpal isn’t alone, as many other workers brave the severest of elements with inadequate outerwear. Fortunately, GFA-supported gift distributions take place, ensuring these brothers and sisters can minister despite the weather.

One GFA-supported worker said,

My wife and I are blessed greatly. We actually didn’t have good warm clothes. At the time of our worry, God provided the best one through [the church].”

All Deserve Warmth

Through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog, GFA-supported workers are blessed with warm clothing, enabling them to touch others with God’s love. This winter, as you bundle up to face the cold, remember those who haven’t anything to bundle up with.

Learn more on how you could provide warmth for these faithful brothers and sisters.

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