“Here Comes the Freedom!” Gospel for Asia Shares the Impact of a Gift of Goats

“Here Comes the Freedom!” Gospel for Asia Shares the Impact of a Gift of Goats December 17, 2018

We have pretty much bought into the saying that, “It’s not the gift that counts; it’s the thought behind it.” But what if that is not true. Doesn’t the gift really count?

When we place more value on the intent than on the gift, it’s not long before the gift we give fills no real need of the recipient. Walk into any big box store during the Christmas holiday season, and notice how people are filling their carts with expensive but perhaps meaningless things to be able to say that it is the thought that counts.

There is one Bible passage that speaks the truth about the gift being important based on the need.

“If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them ‘Go in peace, be warmed and filled,’ without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that?” —James 2:15–16 (ESV)

This verses alone should be enough to change the way we think of giving. Not to mention that the Lord has offered to each of us the gift we need the most: His Son, Jesus Christ. What is more, the Bible tells us that every gift that God gives us is good and perfect.

GFA Asks How Should We Then Give?

We have, in fact, already answered that question. We should give as the Bible teaches, and in the pattern of God’s gracious giving.

Which brings us to goats.

That may seem like the ultimate non sequitur, but it is not. Our responsibility in giving gifts is to understand what is needed, then to do what we can to help meet that need. Goats are one of the best gifts to give to families stuck in abject poverty in South Asia, Africa and elsewhere. If that seems odd, it is only because we do not understand the impact goats can make for a family.

When we give goats and teach families how to care for them, those goats open a door to comparative prosperity that is beyond those families’ wildest dreams.

"Here Comes the Freedom!" Gospel for Asia Shares the Impact of a Gift of Goats - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia

GFA Explains How It Works?

Goats provide a source of nutrition. Goats milk is high in protein and calcium and is more easily digestible by the human body than milk from cows. A healthy goat will give up to 16 cups of milk per day. Did you know that 65 percent of the world drinks goat milk?

Goats are an asset that can be used to generate income. Goat milk, cheese and yogurt can be sold to generate income.

If a family chooses to breed their goats, they can transform the original gift into a growing enterprise in their community.

One past recipient of a pair of goats from GFA-supported workers started a farm that today has 75 goats. By using the gift of goats wisely, that man and his family are no longer slaves to abject poverty.

Another man rejoiced when he accepted his gift and exclaimed, “When I received the goats, I told myself, ‘Here comes the freedom.'”

Some families may sell a portion of their herd to acquire other animals such as cattle and water buffalo. Or they may use the proceeds to open a small business in their village. The goats that they sell empower other families in their community with the same sustainable gift.

The gift of goats is a way to share the gift of Jesus Christ and His love for us.

GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog features the gift of a pair of goats for only $140.

GFA Asks What Will You Do?

That is, of course, up to you. We encourage you to consider the very practical and needed gift of goats for at least one family in Asia. Imagine empowering a family in Asia to come out of poverty with a gift of goats. What a blessing we can be.


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