What If There Were No Seed?

What If There Were No Seed? January 2, 2019

Jesus tells several parables about the kingdom of heaven in Matthew chapter 13. The first and perhaps the most popular is the story of the sower and the seed. As the farmer scatters his seeds, they fall into different types of soil. Typically, we focus on the types of soil upon which the seed lands. Rightly so, since Jesus is explaining that the seed will take root in some soil but not in others.

Using a simple farming illustration, He explains that the seed in the parable is “the word of the kingdom” (13:19) to illustrate how people, represented by the different soils, might respond to the Scripture.

What If There Were No Seed? - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia

But let’s imagine that the farmer has no seed. It doesn’t matter what kind of soil there is if he has no seed.

“God never wanted anyone to live on this earth without knowing His love and redemption; that is why He gave humanity His precious written Word.”
No seed, no crop. No crop, no harvest.

The number of people in Asia without Bibles—God’s seed—numbers in the multiple millions. They are a mix of soils. On another scale, there are millions living in abject poverty in remote tribal villages and urban slums who are desperately seeking hope where there seems to be none.

Most of these people have never heard of Jesus or the Bible that tells the story of His great love for us.

Gospel for Asia’s (GFA) motivation in all we do is to sow the seed of the Word of God throughout Asia.

Many in Asia do not have a Bible. They don’t simply lack a book—they lack a treasure that is filled with wisdom, instruction, encouragement and glimpses of the heart of their Creator. They are unable to search Scripture for themselves, and they have no way of sharing His Word with others.

Certainly, “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (see Romans 10:17). So, one might mistakenly reckon that all we need to do is tell others about Jesus. But once the seed has been received, it needs nourishment to grow.

God never wanted anyone to live on this earth without knowing His love and redemption; that is why He gave humanity His precious written Word.

Many believers in Asia are first-generation believers who grew up knowing nothing of God’s ways, and they’re hungry for His Word.

The Psalmist said that the Word of God is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path (see Psalm 119:105). Without it, we have no clear direction. Local pastors and indigenous missionaries need Bibles for their own growth. They need to have them available to give to those who have decided to follow Jesus and to those who want to learn more about Him.

Remember: No seed, no crop. No crop, no harvest.

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  • Landis M

    Having a Bible accessible to us is something that we can definitely take for granted at times. There are a number of people in Asia who have never been able to see or get their hands on God’s word. If we want to lead people to Jesus, how can we expect them to maintain their relationship with Him without His word? It is the ultimate guideline to every question and concern we may have, and is comforting in all situations. It is great to see that GFA is taking steps to make sure those who want God’s word will have access to it so they can d=set their foundations in Him.

  • Jae Perez

    Thank you GFA for taking the lead in reaching out people in Asia with the seed. So many of them are ripe for the gospel but they have to hear it and accept it in their heart language. And it takes Christian groups like you, GFA, to make these happen. May God bless and keep your ministry going with passion and anointing. May He lead you to more partners who have the resources but not the time to do the work themselves. The work of God is partnership among His people so I say you are doing what God wants you to do.