Gospel for Asia Provides An Education They Never Dreamed Of

Gospel for Asia Provides An Education They Never Dreamed Of October 9, 2020

WILLS POINT, TX – Gospel for Asia (GFA World and affiliates like Gospel for Asia Canada) founded by Dr. K.P. YohannanDiscussing Dayita and her family, the extreme poverty, and the fulfilled dream of an education for her first-born through Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope Program.


s Dayita hauled pile after pile of wood from the forest, she carried a different burden in her heart: the safety and well-being of her children. Each day, she went to work in the jungle, leaving her four children behind in the village with Kasni, her oldest, in charge.

Discussing Dayita and her family, the extreme poverty, and the fulfilled dream of an education for her first-born through Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope Program.
Dayita worried about the future of her oldest daughter, Kasni, but because of her family’s stark poverty, Dayita didn’t even dream of sending Kasni to school.

Dayita worried about Kasni’s future, but what else could she do as a poor laborer battling to provide for four children? She struggled just to supply food for them, and she never dreamed of sending 7-year-old Kasni to school; the thought didn’t even enter her mind.

Mother Fights to Provide

Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope Program made a difference in this family's life
Because Dayita’s husband could no longer work, Dayita provided for her four children by laboring as a wood gatherer. While Dayita worked during the day, Kasni had to look after her younger siblings.

Kasni’s father, like many men in the village, wasted his life on alcohol. Eventually, his addiction made him so sick he could not work or even get out of bed.

As a result, Dayita had to labor as the sole provider for the family. She, along with many other women in her mostly illiterate community, gathered firewood from the forest and sold it in the market. Dayita made very little money. Although many people in rural areas of Asia still use firewood for cooking, a growing number in Dayita’s village started to use kerosene stoves instead. The market for Dayita’s firewood was dwindling. With an unreliable family income, sometimes Kasni and her three siblings had to go to bed with empty stomachs.

While her mother worked in the forest during the day, Kasni looked after her younger siblings. The four children spent most of their time roaming around the village, occasionally receiving food from their neighbors. Meanwhile, anxiety and fear for her children’s safety gripped Dayita’s heart as she worked in the forest.

Daughter Receives Education

One day, staff members from the local Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bridge of Hope center were visiting homes in the area and happened to meet Kasni’s family. When they heard about the family’s challenges, the staff invited Kasni to join Bridge of Hope, and her mother readily agreed.

As Kasni went to the Bridge of Hope center for the first time, her heart bubbled with excitement and happiness. She delighted in the chance to attend Bridge of Hope each day after taking care of her younger siblings in the morning.

Gospel for Asia founded by Dr. K.P. Yohannan: BOH
When Bridge of Hope staff members met Kasni’s family, they invited Kasni to join Bridge of Hope. There, Kasni began to thrive, and the changes in her life filled her mother with pride and joy.

God used Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bridge of Hope Program to reduce Dayita’s financial burden, as it provided Kasni with a daily nutritious meal and school supplies, such as a schoolbag and notebook. Kasni thrived in Bridge of Hope. As she went to the center day by day, she grew into a well-mannered young lady with a zest for learning. She learned to speak politely and to respect older people, and she participated energetically in all of the Bridge of Hope activities.

Seeing her daughter’s character development and good manners filled Dayita with joy and pride. Dayita is also grateful Bridge of Hope has supported her and other parents by hosting parents’ meetings and awareness activities.

“Through this program I am learning a lot,” said Dayita. “Moreover, by seeing the changes in my daughter, I am proud of Bridge of Hope and its activities.”

Bridge of Hope Blesses Thousands of Children—and Mothers

Through Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope Program, God gave Dayita a priceless gift she never thought she would have: the privilege of sending her daughter to school. Now Dayita has joy, knowing her daughter is receiving an education that can help her break free from the grip of poverty.

God is using Bridge of Hope to bless Dayita and thousands of other mothers with the opportunity to give their children an education.

Thousands of mothers in Asia are being offered the same opportunity as Dayita through Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope Program. By supporting Bridge of Hope and linking your life with a child in Asia, you can help bless another mother with the hope that her child will gain a promising future through God’s grace.

Learn more about the Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope program and how you can make an incredible difference in the lives of children, bringing hope to their lives and their families, transforming communities.

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