A Weary Man’s Prayers Were Answered When He Received a Bicycle from a Gospel for Asia Gift Distribution

A Weary Man’s Prayers Were Answered When He Received a Bicycle from a Gospel for Asia Gift Distribution November 1, 2021

WILLS POINT, TX – Gospel for Asia (GFA World) founded by K.P. Yohannan, whose heart to love and help the poor has inspired numerous charities like Gospel for Asia Canada, to serve the deprived and downcast worldwide – Discussing Abid, his struggle against poverty for his family, and the answered prayer of a bicycle received from a GFA World gift distribution.

Discussing Abid, his struggle against poverty for his family, & the answered prayer of a bicycle received from a GFA World gift distribution.
Abid (not pictured) celebrates the gift of a bicycle, which significantly cut down his travel time to work and afforded him more time with his family.

Day in and day out, Abid walked a long path to work to provide for his wife and their six children. Nearly five miles to work and another five miles home, it took him hours to walk the distance. In between this trek, Abid worked hard for a small daily wage, but he frequently arrived late to work and faced reprimands from his boss.

The disapproving comments from his boss weighed on Abid. The 46-year-old man, known for his smiling face, would return home completely exhausted and agitated by his boss’s scolding.

By the time Abid’s family saw him at the end of the day, he had no energy left and was easily irritated, creating discord at home. When Abid didn’t collapse from exhaustion as soon as he crossed the threshold, he complained about the pain in his body, weary from the hours-long commute.

On Sundays, church was also a lengthy distance from Abid’s home. He often arrived late there as well, his steps slow from fatigue. Soon, Abid stopped attending the worship services altogether.

He was tired of being late everywhere he went, and he was tired of being tired.

Enough Is Enough

What could Abid do? He knew he couldn’t afford to purchase a different mode of transportation or a bus ticket, but something had to change.

Abid decided to pray about his situation. He asked God for a bicycle so he could make it to work and church on time.

Meanwhile, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Bahari heard about Abid’s difficult commute. He learned of the toll it took on Abid’s body, his family relationships and even his ability to attend Sunday services. Pastor Bahari felt compassion for Abid’s struggles and decided to submit Abid’s name to receive a gift from a GFA gift distribution. Pastor Bahari excitedly presented the two-wheeled treasure to Abid, who received the bicycle with great thankfulness and a joyful heart.

God had answered Abid’s prayers! He was now the proud owner of a new bicycle, just as he had requested.

“I have a big family,” Abid explained. “I get money from the daily [wage] work and buy provision for home. Due to that, I could not buy [a bicycle]. But I thank the church for understanding my need and providing me a good cycle. Now I am on time to work and even for church. Thank you very much.”

The gift of a bicycle has truly changed Abid’s life. With a shortened commute, the bicycle affords him more time with his family and more energy to enjoy their time together. He has no trouble getting to work, and his boss is pleased Abid arrives on time. In addition, Abid now regularly attends church, and he helps family members and neighbors by using his bike to run errands.

Across the globe, countries annually celebrate World Bicycle Day on June 3rd. For Abid, every day he mounts his bike is a good day to thank God for the life-changing gift of the bicycle.

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Source: Gospel for Asia Field Reports & Updates, Mother Receives Skills, Tools to Feed Her Family

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