Check Out My Interview on The Project Pastor Podcast!

Check Out My Interview on The Project Pastor Podcast! March 6, 2016

Did you know that 1500 pastors leave the ministry each month? Less than half return. According to Troy McLaughlin, most leave within the first five years of ministry. Traditional ministry often feels like an island, and it’s not just pastors who suffer: their families suffer greatly, too.

I had such a great time during my interview with Troy McLaughlin from Project Pastor! Talking with Troy is just like having coffee with an old friend. He has a great big heart, to see pastors and their families healed and full of hope.

During our interview, we discussed mental illness, addiction, and faith. We talked about life with Jesus and the hope that still exists in the Church today. I’m always pumped to share my story with a new audience.

Want to listen to a real-life Southerner? Just click here.


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