How to Win a Scholarship for My Online Recovery Group

How to Win a Scholarship for My Online Recovery Group July 9, 2016

Join the Grace is Messy Spiritual Recovery Group today! Scholarships are available!

Do You Long for Spiritual or Religious Recovery?

Have you have ever felt hopeless? Like you weren’t good enough for God? Have well-meaning people ostracized you from the church? Have you ever believed the lie that all the bad things in your life were beyond redemption? If not, you’re lucky. If so, I get it. Me too.

Join my life-changing Grace is Messy Spiritual and Religious Recovery Group. Together, with America’s Crisis Coach, Faydra Koenig, we will work together to find healing for your pain. We’ll give you practical, actionable steps to help you move past offense and engage your faith and the local church again. The Grace is Messy Spiritual and Religious Recovery Group will empower you to start owning your recovery by getting honest about the fact that you can’t do this alone.

Church hurts cut deep. They leave us feeling broken and overwhelmed. But hope is possible. I have found it and lived it the past four years. Through personal experience, this group will help you answer the question, “Now what?”

Sign up today!

What is The Grace is Messy Spiritual and Religious Recovery Group?

As a former  youth pastor and worship leader, I know how deep the words of well-meaning people can cut. Even after Bible college and ten years of traditional ministry, I was secretly addicted to pornography. And when all of my mess became public, it seemed my family was too messy for the church. My desire for this recovery group is to help people take off the mask of performance-based Christianity, find healing for their wounds, and move forward.

Here’s a sad fact: the church is often too scared or ill-prepared to tackle the hard topics. But our lack of engagement with broken people is literally killing God’s children. The good news? I have been re engaging my faith and the local church for the past four years, and I can tell you that refusing to live like a victim has changed my life. Recovery isn’t easy, but second chances are possible for you…and the church.

Who is this group for?

  • Someone longing to engage their faith after years of being disconnected from the local church.
  • A person wanting to engage the local church again but in need of clear boundaries.
  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with a mental illness and is scared of what the church will say.
  • A member of the LGBTQ community who fears they can no longer belong to a faith community.
  • Someone in a crisis of faith.
  • Anybody who feels “soul confusion” and is longing for clarity, belonging, and hope that God is still listening.

Vulnerability in community is risky. But it's totally worth it. Join the Grace is Messy Religious and Spiritual Recovery Group today!

The Details

The Grace is Messy Spiritual and Religious Recovery Group lasts four weeks. It includes a weekly online meeting via private Google hangout. Membership to the group also includes a secret Facebook group, where our community will continue to engage each other daily on practical ways to recover. In this four-week recovery group, we’ll walk through portions of my brand-new 21 Day Recovery Journal. I created this journal along with my friend Kate Pieper, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a professional trauma therapist. This recovery group is going to be a game-changer! I’ll ask thought-provoking questions, provide digestible information, give you great resources, and leave you with encouraging and practical steps to recover.


Laura Pruneau is a writer and member of the Grace is Messy Community. Laura’s daughter passed away in February from an extremely rare type of brain cancer. She was only seven. Some of Janet’s final words were, “I don’t want everyone to be sad when I die. I want everyone to remember the love.” Even in the midst of such deep sorrow, Laura’s goal in life is to honor her daughter’s wishes by helping others connect (or reconnect) to the unquenchable love of Jesus.

In Janet’s memory, Laura has donated two half-scholarships for the Grace is Messy Spiritual and Religious Recovery Group. Instead of paying $149 to join the group, if chosen, you’ll receive a discounted rate of only $75.

The group starts Thursday, July 21st. To be considered for the partial scholarship, join the Grace is Messy Facebook Community and email me now.

There are only two spots remaining!

Recovery is possible. You don’t have to do this alone. Let’s walk the road toward recovery together.

Sign up for the Grace is Messy Spiritual and Religious Recovery Group here.

*To learn more about Janet’s legacy, click here to join the Facebook page.

Got church hurts? Sign up for the spiritual and religious recovery group today!

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