Missed Call From Your Local Spirits

Missed Call From Your Local Spirits September 5, 2017

Something that has always struck me as particularly odd about the pagan community is the fascination with the spirits of far off places when local spirits are standing right in front of us and staring us in the eye. I have a couple of ideas as to why this is, but when it comes down to it you are a product of the energies and spirits that you were raised around and those spirits are a product of the people and land that they inhabit as well. Chances are you probably have more in common with your local spirits than you think.

Now, before I really get started I do want to say that I in no way support the utilization of spirits/deities from closed cultures. You do not need to go researching Native American practices in order to work with the spirits of your land here in America.

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Now obviously I have a very specific lens that I see through and that is because I have been working deeply with my local spirits since childhood. Growing up within Salem Massachusetts during a time in which witchcraft was truly booming allowed me to keep an active practice with the spirits from childhood that many people end up losing over time. This allowed me to create many lasting relationships with my local spirits that I have maintained to this day.

Many witches end up rediscovering that connection as they grow into themselves. I have heard from many a witch that they realized later in life that the spirits and familiars they work with now have been with them since childhood. I’m sure that if you really look back and think hard there were several spirits that you too probably worked with as a child. That connection stays, you simply need to rebuild it.

Credit: Rob Potter | CC0 Creative Commons
Credit: Rob Potter | CC0 Creative Commons

Here are some things that you can do in order to rekindle those relationships or forge new ones with your local spirits:

Allow Yourself to be Open to Communication

If you go into all of your spirit work with the expectation that you will meet and work with specific spirits from specific areas then you will most likely adapt that lens to your experience. Try going into things without any kind of expectations. Go through your day to day life and keep your eyes and ears open. When I moved into New Hampshire many of the spirits that I found were simply through walking/driving through new areas. The hag-like spirit who inhabits the woods near Chester NH who likes to stay close to the farm life that she feels connected to, the still unnamed presence that becomes incredibly aware whenever I drive through it’s territory on my way down to Boston, or the plethora of spirits among the old mills of Manchester and Lowell, they are all around you if only you listen for them.

Look at Your Current Spirit Relationships

You may be surprised to find that some of the spirits that you have been working with for a long time may be more close to home than you think. I regularly hear new witches tear themselves apart over finding the exact deity or spirit from mythology that has been reaching out to them. Once again, put those expectations aside and talk to them. They may have more to say than you think.

Open Yourself to Them

If you are having difficulty with spotting your local spirits in your day to day life then perhaps think about opening the line of communication from your end. Everyone around them is more interested in diving head first into the pantheons of far off places, even a lot of those who claim a traditional path are continuously attempting to work with spirits that are oceans away. You will find a lot of similar spirits much much closer to home.

This should go without saying, but before opening yourself up to spirit communication please make sure that you are protecting yourself accordingly. Shield, work with your familiar to act as a go-between, whatever it is that works for you. I have found that the more accessible to make yourself the more things will start popping up, so prepare yourself accordingly.

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  • Pitch313

    Local spirits are…local. Most Craft text resources are…not local. It can be a challenge to go from one to the other as a practitioner’s practice grows.

    Humans may leave one land and, given time, nativize in a new land. So, too, spirits may move from one land and nativize in another. Local may not mean resident in one land forever.

    Familiar pantheons may not account for the identity of local spirits or the manner in which they relate to humans. Or experience may precede learning about a pantheon or cultural tradition.
    Coyote, for example, can teach us directly about Tricksters .and magic.

    Local spirits–Work with them!

    • Hello Pitch!

      I agree with the idea of spirits migrating with their people. By local, I do mean local. Whoever is there in front of you within your “square mile” so to speak. With craft texts it is interesting because a lot of them talk about doing this, and then give example, however their examples are obviously tailored to whatever their local spirits are. This leads to people imitating their examples rather than applying them to their own locality. You see this a lot with trad craft books in particular.

      I firmly believe that we are all put where we are meant to be, and so there are valuable lessons to be learned from the spirits of your area as you are of them as well.

      Elizabeth Autumnalis

      • Pitch313

        I think this matter of working with local spirits involves patient practice and a willingness to sort out discoveries that may not fit with some of the easy assumptions about Craft. It may be a challenge to accommodate local spirits when others favor a sort of universalistic outlook.

  • Brianna LaPoint

    I changed a lot as a child only one spirit spoke up and he said he was there since i was 16. Not everyone has childhood spirits, because some spirits are unable to communicate to children that have closed themselves off from the spirits.

  • dayan_martinez

    So glad to read another pagan speaking about these very important and rewarding connections! Very glad you emphasize patience, openness, and getting rid of assumptions. I have spent the last 2+ years working with the local spirits around me in Florida and recently took a cross-country road trip. Just passing through with honed awareness, I discovered many great and small spirits in places like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Personally, I consider this to be a rich, rooted, aspect of the Craft that is too often ignored.

    When you stand with the local spirits of place, you are embraced and empowered like never before, except maybe in full Aspect of Deity.

    • Elizabeth Graham

      Thank you for sharing your experience! I wholeheartedly agree. I too will be taking a trip into a very different area of the United States shortly and I am curious to see what I will encounter there.

      Elizabeth Autumnalis

  • Andrew Tallman

    Great post. I live just outside a small town in northern Michigan. In the forest behind my house there is a large rock I plan on using as an altar to the local land spirits once spring comes