Is a third temple being built in Jerusalem? [videos]

Is a third temple being built in Jerusalem? [videos] December 28, 2018

A dedication to the sacrificial altar to the building of the third temple occurred in Jerusalem the day after Hanukkah.

“Our job is to unify everybody in the third temple with all the nations,” one man told RISE Ministries.

Another told RISE Media that he’d rather go to Auschwitz than believe that Jesus is the Messiah.

Both Jews and Muslims believe that after the third temple is built the true Messiah will come, after the anti-Christ. Muslims also believe the anti-Christ and Jesus will come to Damascus– Jesus will be wearing yellow– and help the Al-Mahdi (the anti-Christ). According to Muslim eschatology, Jesus and the Al-Mahdi will declare Islam as the one world religion.

One Jewish man said the entire world will worship the one true God, referring to the God of the Old Testament. He said, “the justice, the peace, you must follow the Bible,” he said, referring to the building of the third temple.

RISE Ministries affirms that as believers in Jesus Christ we are living temples. There is no need for another physical temple for salvation. Only through grace and belief in Jesus Christ alone is necessary for salvation.

This is the blood of the new covenant, Jer. 31:31; Exodus when Israelites were carrying around the Ark of the Covenant, God said he would write his commands on our inward hearts. Like the animal flesh, the ark is our hearts, the commands are written inside.

“Important to realize that because of the blood that was poured out by Jesus” salvation and the writing of God’s law on our hearts is able to happen.

RISE Ministries says the movement for the third temple is an abomination, pointing to the coming of the anti-Christ.

Instead, believers in Jesus know that Jesus is the sole sacrifice. “We pray that many people will not fall for this deception of a one world religion and that many will turn to know the true Messiah,” RISE Ministries. “The hour is late. Thank you Jesus for dying for our sins.”

One commentator writes, “It’s interesting they mention the temple being rebuilt over and over but don’t talk about the REASON the original temple was destroyed by God, they ignore sin, the absolute rejection of God and His laws, they focus on a physical temple, they can build it but God’s Spirit will NOT reside there for the Spirit of God does not abide in something made by human hands. The believers and true followers of Christ are the temple of the living Holy God!”

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